Thursday, January 8, 2015

I Hope God Has Photo Albums

I have been trying to finish our family album for 2014.    I love looking through our family albums and seeing how the boys have grown and all the things we have done.  It is easy to forget all the amazing things we have done together as a family.

As I have been working, I have been thinking that I would really love it if there were photo albums in heaven.   Today is Epiphany.  The day we celebrate the wise men finding Jesus.   I would love to see pictures of Jesus then.   The Bible say the wise men were filled with great joy.   That makes sense to me.   Being in the presence of Jesus fills me with great joy too!  

Wouldn't it be awesome to see Jesus as a newborn when the shepherds came to see him?  When the wise men came to deliver their gifts?   When he was learning to walk?  Eating his first solid food?  

Every Mom thinks her baby is precious when he/she does new and amazing things.  How overwhelming must it have been for Mary?  When she told her family and friends that Jesus was incredible, smart, amazing, wonderful... she wasn't even bragging!   There really aren't words to describe Jesus.   I guess that is why I would love to see pictures.  

I get teary eyed finishing up one year of pictures of my boys.   I am pretty sure I would be overwhelmed at seeing amazing pictures of Jesus.   Jesus who was completely God, but willingly took on the form of a baby so that he could grow into the man who would save us from our sins.   If there are photo albums in heaven, maybe someone else should hold them because I may smudge the pages with my tears. 

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