Friday, March 17, 2017

The "Mom Quiz" Then & Now

This "Mom Quiz" popped up in my Time Hop. I first did it eight years ago and thought it would be fun to test them again. The boys and I laughed a lot at comparing the original answers to now.

Then: Tanner - 7 Now: Tanner - 15
Then: Todd - 11 Now: Todd - 19

1. What is something mom always says to you?
Tanner: I love you. (Now: I love you more.)
Todd: No. (Now: I love you.)

2. What makes mom happy?
Tanner:: Seeing me, Big Guy and Dad doing nice stuff. (Now: When we are all home as a family)
Todd: Foot massage. (Now: Books.)

3. What makes mom sad?
Tanner: When we don’t give you hugs and you have to go through the day without them. (Now: When see you see someone you love hurting)
Todd: When I am sad. (Now: When Dad is not here.)

4. How does your mom make you laugh?
Tanner: Say jokes. (Now: Too many ways to count)
Todd: We make each other laugh. (Now: Dad)

5. What was your mom like as a child?
Tanner: Smart, pretty, nice and kind. (Now: oldest sister and very protective)
Todd: A good kid. Now: pretty quiet and kept to yourself

6. How old is your mom?
Tanner: 40. (Now: 21)
Todd: 40 (Now: Are you 49?)

7. How tall is your mom?
Tanner: If I am four feet, you must be five feet. (Now: 5'4")
Todd: taller than me (Now: 5'4"?)

8. What is her favorite thing to watch on TV?
Tanner: Doctors (Now: Masterpiece Classics)
Todd: Good Morning America (Now: Goldbergs)

9. What does your mom do when you're not around?
Tanner: drink coffee and go to work (Now: watch Masterpiece Classics)
Todd: watch tv and get on the computer (Now: read)

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
Tanner: be the nicest person in the world (Now: writer of devotional series)
Todd: movie star (Now: writing)

11. What is your mom really good at?
Tanner: cooking (Now: being a Mom, cooking, singing... a lot)
Todd: typing (Now: taking care of others)

12. What is your mom not very good at?
Tanner: doing push ups (Now: math)
Todd: math (Now: back seat driving)

13. What does your mom do for her job?
Tanner: work at The Play Place (Now: homeschool teacher)
Todd: work at The Play Place (Now: being a mom)

14. What is your mom's favorite food?
Tanner:: the Penne Rustica at Macaroni Grill (Now: Krilakis)
Todd: Mexican pizza (Now: bread pudding)

15. What makes you proud of your mom?
Tanner:: that you have a job (Now: I admire your faith.)
Big Guy: that you have stuck with me while I was having a tough time and you tell me that we can find a solution to any problem (Now: how willing you are to give time for other people)

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Tanner:: Tweety Bird Now: no answer
Big Guy: Tweety Bird Now: no answer

17. What do you and your mom do together?
Tanner:: go to the coffee shop and play on the computer (Now: watch our favorite shows and talking --- driving!)
Todd: Go to the bookstore (Now: go to thrift stores)

18. How are you and your mom the same?
Tanner:: We have the same color hair. (Now: We both have common sense and both have misophonia.)
Todd: We are both human. (Now: we both like to read)

19. How are you and your mom different?
Tanner:: I am a boy and you are a girl. (Now: You are more verbal and I am more reserved.)
Todd: I am a boy and you are girl. (Now: different sense of humor)

20. How do you know your mom loves you?
Tanner:: You tell it to me every day! (Now: You tell me every day!)
Todd: Because you do. (Now: you always want to be involved in what I am doing)

21. What does your mom like most about your dad?
Tanner:: that he is really nice (Now: he makes me feel safe and secure and that he is kind and gentle)
Todd: His sense of humor (Now: his sense of humor)

22. Where is your mom's favorite place to go?
Tanner:: Lifeway (Now: anywhere that we go as a family)
Todd: to the bookstore (Now: anywhere as long as it is with Dad, Tanner and I)

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