Friday, February 15, 2008

Knock, Knock, Knock

Since our cupboards are starting to feel as bare as Mother Hubbards, Tanner and I went to SAMS to try to restock. Tanner was pushing the buggy for me as we shopped. A sweet gentlemen stopped Tanner to tell him how impressed he was with him for helping me. He gave him a $1 bill and told him he hoped that reminded him that Jesus loved him. Tanner thanked him and told him that Jesus lived in his heart.

When we walked to the car after we finished shopping, Tanner said, "Mom, even if Jesus didn't live in a person's heart, he is still there because he is just on the outside knock, knock, knocking and wanting to get inside."

The best lessons in life can't be learned in a public school classroom.


K Storm said...

Kids have some of the wisest things to say, don't they?

Deanna said...

God has taught me the most about Him through my kids. I know why God said we must become like them... they know Him best!