Friday, September 25, 2009

Exercise Your Brain!

One of the elements of the boy's morning work is logic.     There are so many benefits to developing critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.   Not just for kids, but for anyone of any age.   Studies show that people who work on these skills daily improve their abilities to take all types of tests whether college entrance or job placement.     It also exercises your mind in the same way physical exercise does your body.     It gives you the extra ability to stay focused which is something that we all need!

Our new brain game is Pentago.   

The object of the game is to create five marbles in a row anywhere across the board.     Wow... that sounds simple.   But wait!  There is a twist -- literally -- because as part of your move you will twist one of the quadrants.     Trust me.   What they say about Pentago is very true.   It is easy to learn .   Fun to play.   Tough to master!

Another game which has challenged all of us is Stare Jr!    

I would love to play this game with someone who is in law enforcement or is trained to recognize details because that is what this game is all about.    You are given a card and given 30 seconds to stare at it.    When your time is up you are asked a series of questions about what was on the picture.     Boy, you really start to question your memory at that point.

Now if you believe good things come in small packages, you really need to invest in Logic Links!

Each Logic Links puzzle is comprised of a series of clues that tells you where to place colored chips and solve the puzzle. Logic Links requires you to think sideways, backwards, right to left and up and down as you read the clues that lead you to the one and only correct answer.      This is a great game to not only play at home, but to pack into your "car box" for taking into a restaurant.

We have also subscribed to a website called Five Minute Mystery.     It is only $9.95 for a year.      If you have someone who loves puzzles this would make a great virtual "stocking stuffer".   

Each day you visit the site for a new mystery.   Read each mystery carefully and select which clues either incriminate or exonerate each suspect. Earn points for finding all of the clues.   Select the guilty suspect from the list once you've found all of the clues.    Submit your clues and suspect decision to earn points. The more difficult the case, the more points you'll earn. The solutions are released the day after each mystery is published.     The educational benefits to this website are priceless, but the boys don't think about that because it is so much fun.    

Well, that is all for now.      Hope you guys have a great weekend.    Don't lose your voice screaming for your favorite football team!

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Dr. Wifey said...

what a fun post! i LOVE logic games/puzzles. i remember doing them in the gifted classes in school. i especially liked those logic grids. i will have to check out the 5 minute mystery - sounds kind of Law and Orderish! :)