Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Girls Under Construction

Have I mentioned to you that I have two beautiful and incredibly smart sisters.    I have?   OK.    I just wanted to make sure I made that clear because I am just so proud of them.       My baby sister's career is in national security and I will leave it at that because I don't want her to shut down my internet connection.      Yes.   She can do that.

Because of how smart she is, she was asked to teach a class at a local college which means we scored some babysitting time with her twins.... MY NIECES!!    

It has been so fun!    It has also been a great experience for the boys.    They are amazed at what sponges the girls are.     They have already learned so much about what 9 months old are capable of doing and learning.    

The girls love to be outside.     My BIL brings the girl's strollers so we take them for a walk around the neighborhood every time they are here.      The boys wanted to take a different path every time but I pointed out the importance of taking the same path.      I gave them assignments of naming things as we walked around the streets:   cars, mailbox, flags, etc...   The girls are such mockingbirds that I know at some point they will begin to mock these things back to the boys.

They also love when we take them into the backyard to play.      They don't love, however, the neighbor's loud barking puppy.    

Our outdoor quilt has lots of squares so the girls can spend a lot of time pointing as we name colors.

These girls won't let the quilt give them borders.   They crawl off exploring the backyard.     We keep a close eye on them.   You never know what they will find.     MM sat up last week with an earthworm in her hand!

LK is very fascinated with Big Guy's glasses.    She is constantly saying "Oooooh!" and getting up in his face to look at them.

Our precious LK

 Our sweet MM

Nieces are just special packages sent from heaven, aren't they!!!    And I am lucky enough to have THREE!!


Sara said...

Such sweet pics!

Dr. Wifey said...

they are so precious! glad the boys are having fun with them

K Storm said...

Fun times!!

Taylor & Krisa said...

What a blessing for me knowing that my sweet girls are getting to spend precious time with their DitDee and cousins!!

HEATHER said...

They are just precious!

Jenn said...

They are just too cute !