Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Germany has a great tradition for the first day of school. It is called a “Schultüte”or a school cone. It is same concept as a Christmas stocking except it is stuffed with back to school supplies and small candies. When we left our friends in Atlanta, she gave the boys a “Schultüte” box to open on their first day of homeschooling. Taped to the outside was the note you see below telling the boys to open it on their first day of school.

The boys were so excited about it and it definitely gave them something fun to look forward to on that first morning. Can you believe all the special stuff she packed into that box? Thanks, Sheri, for always doing something special for your boys! I love this tradition so much that I hope to do it again next year.

The corners of our dining room have now been transformed into learning spots for the boys. They both have their own desks and all the supplies they need to study. We have thoughts and plans to turn our hobby shop into a classroom, but for right now we are doing well in the dining room.

Here is Little Guy on his first day of school. His first day's assignments are on his Expo board behind him. Since then I have gotten more organized and print out their assignments a week at a time, but when we first started I was writing it out every night.


Allison said...

You go teacher mama!

K Storm said...

Sounds great...I like taking that idea for a special box of goodies on the first day.

Dr. Wifey said...

i would so love a Schulute, being that I am an office/school supply addict :)