Monday, April 12, 2010

Every Kid Needs A Tree

I am sure you are wondering why I am posting a random picture of a tree.    This tree is in our neighbor's yard.   Not just any neighbor, but the yard of Little Guy's best friend.      Do you see how HUGE that tree is?   

Here is Little Guy's best friend, J, standing under some of the bottom branches.   They have been friends since kindergarten.     They have the same birthday.    They were born in the same hospital just minutes apart.      Sometimes I joke and tell them they could have been in bassinets in the nursery right next to each other.    They both love the same types of books, love science and can play for hours.      They are truly friends and hated it when friends at school teased them for being friends.

Back to the tree.... if you look really close you can see Little Guy and J way up in the top of that tree.    It is their club.     Every day after school they met there.      The phone will ring, Little Guy will answer and all I will hear him say is, "You home?....   Meet you in the spot in five."       They have put in a pulley system and a basket to get things to the top.      They have customized it so that they can spend hours up there.    They read and laugh and even have a security system (a huge rock) in case anyone tries to get up into their tree.

Despite the fact that sometime it scares me to see so high up in that magnolia tree, I love the fact that they have this tree.    When I was growing up I used to climb in the apple trees at my Mammaw and Pappaw's house.    My sister and I had the best time playing in those trees.     We could play all kind of pretend stories in the limbs of those trees.

Every kid needs a tree!


Patti Lacy said...

Oh,,,,,, you doll! LOVE THIS!

But...every adult needs a tree. For me, it is the one suffering from cancer in our backyard. Yet it soldiers on...and Lord willing, will shade me from the sun for another summer.


K Storm said...

I love it! Big Magnolias are great for playing in. When I was a girl we had a huge willow that we would play under.

Crystal said...

I love that.
I was walking around the neighborhood this morning and as I was walking past this really huge tree, I was thinking of how I wish I could still climb trees like I did as a child, (because I would have loved to climb that one) and how every kid should climb trees when they're young.
It's such a funny coincidence that you posted this today.

Shelby said...

Love these pics, love that the kids remain friends despite being teased... love the whole tree post... it really took me back to the apple tree that my cousins and sister and I loved at my beloved Aunt Bell's house. Thanks for the terrific trip down memory lane!

Dr. Wifey said...

what a sweet friendship :) hope you are feeling better!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Hi, Deanna! I love the headers on both your blogs.

I tried your recipe for deviled eggs and wrote about my experience on my blog yesterday. I wanted to let you know, because I did post the recipe, although with my own modifications. I linked to you and called them "Deanna's Deviled Eggs." You can see the post here: