Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Krisa!

I remember the day Mom found out she was pregnant with you at the doctor's office.  

I remember Mom and Dad driving past each other on the street and their eyes locking in certain understanding as Dad tried to read her for a "yes or no".   

I remember Mom almost passing out in the grocery store when she was pregnant with you. 

I remember Mom trying to play an April Fool's joke on Dad that Sunday night only for you to play the joke on her!

I remember all the times we got mad at Mom because she actually let you cry.  

I remember the time you barfed all over me at church.

I remember Shera and I loving the fact that you had learned to crawl and letting you crawl back and forth across the bed until you got too fast for us and fell off on your head.   Didn't tell Mom about that one!

I remember bringing you a dress back from Mexico and Mom getting your picture made in it.

I remember that you had Mom and Dad wrapped around your pinkie finger (still do) and you convinced them to let you do things that they just laughed at us about.    

I remember that we all thought you were the most beautiful, talented, and genius little girl that had ever born.... much the same that we all feel about MM and LK now.

I remember that we are never shocked, but always proud at each of your accomplishments... gymnastics, high school cheerleader, academic accomplishments, MSU cheerleader, MSU graduate, wife, mom, sister, friend.

What do I hope that you remember?     That you have a big sister who loves you so much and always will.

Happy Birthday, Krisa!  

P.S.  If you need a babysitter so Tay can take you out for your birthday..... ME!  ME!   ME!
(Stole this pic off my sis' blog.    Aren't my sis and BIL a sweet couple?)


Taylor & Krisa said...

Thanks, sis! Well, not for letting me fall on my head! But, for always being a caring and supportive big sis and remembering all the details in life that I am so bad at. ha!

K Storm said...

That is sweet!

Sara said...

Very sweet!