Thursday, April 22, 2010

Open for Business

My Little Guy raised money last summer for an orphanage in Africa.   With the extra money he raised he was able to sponsor two children.    He is determined to be able to sponsor them again this year so came up with the idea of starting his own baking business.      We not only fully support his compassionate ministries, but there are so many wonderful lessons to be learned in budgeting, planning, time management and many other business skills.

The following is what Little Guy put together to send to friends and family letting them know about his business:

“Tanner’s Sweets and Treats” is run by a kid but you will be satisfied with what you get. This business was made for fun, but mostly made to help me raise the money to sponsor my friends who live in an African orphanage. Their names are Maluga and Nakumuli. My goal is to raise the $100 to sponsor each of my friends for the next year.

I will baking one dessert each week for you to pick from. If you would like to order, just email me and place your order.

Thank you!
Little Guy

Week 1
April 26 – May 1st
Deadline to Order: April 25
Chocolate Chess Pie
Price $12.00

Chocolate chess pie is your basic chocolate pie with a slightly different flavor.

Week 2
May 2 – May 8
Deadline to Order: May 1st
Southern Praline Cake
Price $15.00

Enjoy this Southern Praline Cake with your morning coffee or as an after school snack.
It is all the delicious flavors of praline in a yummy bundt cake. Freezes GREAT!

Week 3
May 9-15
Deadline to Order: May 8
Peanut Butter Pie
Price: $12.00

This peanut butter pie is my Daddy’s favorite and a summertime treat.
It is a light, creamy, peanut butter pie that you can eat now or save in your freezer for later.

Week 4
May 16-22
Deadline to Order: May 15
Super Delicious Chocolate Cake
Price: $15.00

How do you make a chocolate cake super delicious? Take a chocolate cake.
Add chocolate. Stir in more chocolate and top with even more chocolate!
A chocolate lovers dream.

So far, Little Guy has received 13 orders which means after he deducts tithe and supply costs he is already halfway to his goal!      


K Storm said...

Looking forward to our sweet treats!

Deanna said...

Thank you so much for your GENEROUS order, K! Tanner is so excited about baking for you!

Crystal said...

Wow, what a great kid you have!If I lived closer, I would order from him. I hope he gets lots of orders and meets his goal.

Wanda M said...

Put me down for a Southern Praline Cake May 2-8th. Thanks. My cell is 601-594-1988 - since I work on Highland Colony Pkwy I will be happy to run pick it up that week. Great idea and tell him we are all so proud of him !

Wanda M

Patti Lacy said...

Oh, MY!!! I am practically tearing up and having mouth watering issues at the same time.

What a WONDERFUL heart both of y'all have. I would like a piece of that chocolate chess pie. NOW.
Will y'all deliver to Normal??

v奎峰奎峰 said...

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Felicia said...

How talented and what a precious, loving heart of God! This makes me want to cry!

RT said...

Awesome! And he is tithing! We had a call to put aside funds for missions, today. Your little guy gets it, and that is just wonderful!

I'm proud of my little brother in Christ.

Allison said...

Yumm Yumm YUMM!!!