Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Asheville Bound

I woke up Wednesday morning to my sweet husband whispering, "Happy Anniversary!  Ready to start this adventure?"    Was I ready?    Oh yes!    We don't get time like this very often so I was so excited to have a few days just he and I.   

We packed the car and entered our destination into GoogleMaps (have I ever mentioned how much I adore GoogleMaps?)  and headed out.     About an hour into our trip we saw an outlet mall so we stopped and browsed for a little while.   

We enjoyed the beautiful drive into Asheville.    We both wondered if the people who live in that area have gotten immune to all that amazing lush mountainous beauty.   

 All these gorgeous paths to hike up and down every day...

We immediately checked into our hotel which was a beautiful all suites hotel.     If you are ever in Asheville, we highly recommend The Residences at Biltmore.  

We checked into our suite to find these cute balloons as well as a bottle of Biltmore Sparkling Grape Juice, bath crystals and a sweet note wishing us "Happy Anniversary".

Our living room with balcony overlooking the fireplace and fire pit...

Our bedroom...   Notice that there is something on the bed?

Isn't this sweet?    My sweet hubs put these cookies and card on my pillow while I was getting dressed to go out to supper.

 The Residences gave us a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant for our anniversary so we decided to go there for supper.   Frankie Bones is a classic American-Italian style place.     The entire place is so sleek.    Decorated entirely in black and silver and high back burgundy leather booths with FB monogrammed on them.      Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack memorabilia is everywhere and Frank's music is playing in the background.    

The food was amazing.     Their signature dish was a coffee marinated ribeye so we had to order that.   We also decided to try their Savannah Tilapia.    We couldn't decided which we liked more.    Our waiter highly recommended their signature appetizer: twice baked potato spring rolls.    Oh my gravy!     We wound up taking half of that food back to the suite with us, but it was worth it.      Before we left the manager brought us two absolutely HUGE chocolate dipped strawberries and wished us a Happy Anniversary.    

Several friends told us that we had to go to the Grove Park Inn so we headed up the mountain to watch the sunset from their famous terrace.      This place is gorgeous and so were the views.    What a great place to watch the sunset.

What a great first day in Asheville.  


Dr. Wifey said...

to answer your question - NO, people who live in the area are not immune to its beauty! they live there because of it! i believe that area is the most beautiful in the county, and i WILL live there again someday :o) sounds like y'all had a wonderful anniversary!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

While I love Atlanta and living here, I SOOOO miss the mountains and the scenery in Asheville.

Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Alice said...

that's looks amazing!

張怡 said...


Patti Lacy said...

DEANNA, we took OUR kids there when they were about your kids' ages!!

I remember wandering the garden and then letting Thomas run WILD in the "lower 40!"

Glad y'all made it back safely!