Monday, July 19, 2010

Love is a Flame

Real People. Real Stories. Real Love.

Happily ever after. Does it only happen in fairy tales, or in real life? Over the years love may burn strong and steady, but sometimes it grows cold. However, it can be rekindled--and these stories show how. Be inspired by true accounts of how love was revived and renewed.

You'll discover that love can grow stronger and burn brighter through the years as you read more than forty stories from everyday people like

* Jan, whose marriage was restored despite adultery.
* Marsha, who fought pornography and won.
* Bryan, who realized his family, not his career, was his most important responsibility.
* Emily, who learned that real love overcomes unrealistic expectations.
* Jeff, who went from dissatisfaction and boredom to falling in love all over again.

The true stories in Love Is a Flame will warm your heart and show you how to create a new spark in your marriage and build it into a glowing flame.

Book Review

I so remember those first sparks of attraction to my husband.    Tall, dark and handsome definitely describes him.     Those sparks grew as we got to know each other and fell in love.     Of course, after you get married all the day to day routines of life settle in.       The flame is there, but you really have to work at keeping that flame burning.     Just like a campfire, if you don't add fuel it will go out.    

This book is vignettes of marriages who had ebbing flames.    They were facing various situations which were dampening the flames of their marriage -- exhaustion, schedules, addictions, misplaced priorities, adultery -- but something changed a spark relit their marriage.

At the end of each vignette, author James Stuart Bell writes words of wisdom about God's plan for marriage.

This was such an easy ready and would make a great anniversary gift!

I was provided this book free by Bethany Publishing for my honest review.   


Pebblekeeper said...

I think I'll see if it is in our little bookstore today. Sounds good! Stopping by on the blog walk today. I enjoyed your blog so far, what a nice easy cadence you have to your writing. Gotcha on my Google Reader Now. :)

Guiding Light said...

This title must get attention as I'm here from the blog walk as well! This book does sound good - and LOVE the main theme behind it! Have a wonderfully blessed day!