Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home Again

The boys and I are so happy we are bouncing off the walls.      Hubs just returned from three day business trip.     We are thankful that his business is doing well enough to need to travel, but we hate so much when he is not here.

Thankfully we were able to stay busy while he was gone.    Almost a little too busy.     On Monday we got up and drove over to visit with my baby sister and my sweet twin nieces.   Can you believe they are 19 months old?    Me either.

These little sweeties are smart little firecrackers of energy.     They not only can say the alphabet, but can recognize the letters when they see them and know the sounds for each of the letters too.    LK is our little engineer.     She loves to figure out how to take things apart and put them back together.     "I can do it." is her mantra.    Whether dressing herself or buckling herself in her high chair or carseat or the many other things she wants to attempt, she will sit there and focus until she figures it out.      MM is our little "mommy".    She loves babies.    She loves to feed them, rock them and is so, so sweet with them.     My sister's friend was at the house when we got there and they had a 9 week old baby.    MM was just enamored with her.  

When we went home that night the boys were so tired from MM and LK dragging them up and down the stairs 1,000 times during the day.     Kind of cracked me up!   

Tuesday we were up early to take Big Guy to work.     He has been busy working at the day care this week.    We haven't seen him very much since he has been going to work early, coming home late, eating supper and then going to his room for a little relaxation and sleep.       Little Guy went to hang out his best friend, J, while I started working on some lesson plans for school.     Shhhhhh!   Don't tell the boys.     They don't even want to go shopping because they know that there are school supplies on display there.    Ha!

Last night I felt like the wind was knocked out of me when I received the word that one of the students at Ridgeland High School had lost his battle with cancer.     This came right after news that a family in Madison suffered the tragic loss of their 2 year old because she was accidentally hit by a car.     I am sure it is because all that is going on with our sweet Cade, but I went to bed with a lot of tears last night.    

We slid into the door just an hour before hubs was to land at the airport today because of our hectic schedule.     Driving Big Guy to work, a morning meeting with the youth ministers, lunch date, and an afternoon cookie class at Easely Amused.    It was a busy day, but LOTS of fun.    

I am glad the days went by quickly, but I am even happier than sweet hubs is back home.     Even Kit Kat seems contented.    She is purring happily sitting beside him in the chair.


Taylor & Krisa said...

glad he made it home safely! we sure enjoyed seeing y'all on Monday!

Allison said...

OH! Those little girls are just too precious!

Can't wait to hear about your lesson plans - I don't know why the boys are dreading it! You make ME want to come over and learn something!

Sara said...

Love those girls' personalities!

Patti Lacy said...

I LOVE hearing about your life.
Wow, tragedy and joy on one post.

Sigh. And isn't that LIFE on this earth?

You capture it well.
Blessings, dear one.
P.S. Glad your hubby's home safely.

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Pete said...

Glad Donald made it back okay. Hope you can come over one day next week while Krisa is gone.