Monday, July 12, 2010

Home from Vacation

That saying "time flies when you are having fun" really applied last week during our vacation.     We left last Sunday and drove to Atlanta to our best friend's house.    We met them in downtown to eat at a restaurant.   Things were really crazy with people camped out on the sidewalks and streets waiting for the July 4th fireworks show.      

It is always awesome to get to spend time with our friends.     They are truly family to us.   We feel totally comfortable when we are with them.      We stay up late laughing, sleep in, hang out letting the kids play and just have a lot of fun.    

Any time we are together, my sweet hubs always insists that Sheri and I have "girl time".     On Monday night after supper he told us to make our plans because he was going to be keeping the kids on Tuesday.    

We had so much fun.    We went and had pedicures.    We were so relaxed after the pedicure that we went and ate lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company.    Loved that place!  

After lunch we were recharged and ready for a day of shopping.     My friend is one of the best bargain shoppers ever which is why I love to shop with her.    I think everywhere we went everything she picked up wound up being cheaper than marked on the tag!     Gotta love that when you are shopping.

When we got home that night the kids didn't even notice us walking.   They had had so much fun going for pizza, swimming and going to the movies that they love "girl time" as much as we do!      Thank you, my sweet hubs!     You are so amazing!

When we woke up Wednesday to leave for Asheville, it felt good knowing that the boys were staying with people that they loved.    The question would be.... would they want to come home when we came back to pick them up?    


Allison said...

Aww. Glad you had a great time and are blessed with such great friends.

Crystal said...

So glad that y'all had such a great vacation, you deserve it!

Dr. Wifey said...

i saw your pics on FB - looks like you had a WONDERFUL time!