Monday, August 24, 2009

The "Hannah Box"

We don't typically celebrate birthdays for an entire week, but with hubs having a birthday tomorrow and Little Guy having a birthday Saturday it is kind of going to turn out that way.

The weekend was spent shopping for birthday presents.     Hubs has really wanted a new grill.     The boys and I really wanted him to have a new grill because he makes the best bbq chicken EVER!    SMILE.       We thought we had found the lowest price for the grill he wanted until we made a random walk through Hudsons and found the exact one for $70 less!   SCORE!   

During the weekend it occurred to me that the grandparent's had sent emails asking what Little Guy had wanted for his birthday.    I had forwarded those emails to his email address and asked him to respond to them.      So, I called him into the living room and this is the conversation we had:

Mom:  "Hey, sweetie.   Not to long ago I sent you some emails from the Grandparents asking what you wanted for your birthday.   Did you rememember to email or call them back?"

Little Guy:  "Sure, Mom.   I did that a long time ago."

Mom:  "Great.    What kinds of things did you ask for?"

Little Guy:  "Oh, I didn't ask for things, Mom.    I asked for money."

Mom:  "Money?"

Little Guy:   "Yes.   Money.    I am raising money for Hannah and her orphanage in Africa.     If all of my family and friends give me money then maybe I can help her buy something good for the orphans."

For those of you who don't remember, our cousin, Hannah, spends her summers working in orphanages in Africa.      She is a college student so she goes to school and works jobs during the school year to raise money to buy items that these precious children need:   formula, diapers, clothing, etc...    Last year she even bought fire extinguishers and tarps to keep out rain.       We read her blog while she was gone and prayed for her daily.    

I started what I call the "Hannah Box".    It allows us to collect money that we find for Hannah.     Finding money or even being given money from unexpected places is a great lesson to my boys about God's provision.      They also feel like they are going to be a part of Hannah's mission trip through their contribution.

I am so proud of you, Little Guy.     Proud of you for following God's leading on your heart.    Proud of you for being so selfless to give up your birthday presents to see that children in Africa can have more.       God is molding you every day to be an incredible man and I am so honored that He chose me to be your Mom.


K Storm said...

It is wonderful when they have a heart for others.

Shelby said...

Deanna, please tell me you have a PayPal account or email me your address. I HAVE to contribute something to Hannah's Box. Won't be much but I just absolutely feel like I HAVE to do this.

Your guy is amazing.

Deanna said...

Oh, Shelby, that is more than generous. I will email you our address. I have a PayPal account, but I confess I have no idea how to use that for donations.

Dr. Wifey said...

WOW! that is all i can say

Taylor & Krisa said...

What a special little guy!

HEATHER said...

You are an AWESOME mom!! Your boys are just the best!