Saturday, August 29, 2009

You will always be my "Little Guy"

Walking into Women's Hospital eight years ago today I was barely able to stand walking down the hallway.    My contractions were constant and felt like I was being hit with a bowling ball.   

The nurse came to me as I was making my way down the hall and said, "Um, we are out of labor rooms.    We may have to send you to another hospital."  

I looked at her and said, "I will sit here and give birth.     I have already been to the Suites and they were full.    I don't think I can walk back out to the car."    

Her response,  "I will be right back."

"Good.  I will try to keep walking."

When she came back she explained that they had a room that was used as their supply room for the other labor and delivery rooms.    She said they were cleaning out and were going to put a bed in it so that I could use it.    

When we arrived, it was just that.    I knew if we needed anything it was literally within arm's reach.    Ha!

I labored and labored and labored.     They gave me an epidural, but just like with Big Guy, it wouldn't take because of the seizure medicine I have to take.      Also like Big Guy, he was stuck on my pelvis.    No circus trick we tried worked.    Isn't it amazing the things they will ask you to attempt when you are in the middle of labor and have a giant globe on the front of your body?

My doctor said that he thought I should have a c-section, but that the ladies were lined in the hallway waiting for surgery.   (I told you it was packed in the hospitals that night!)    Also, Trent Lott's daughter was giving birth across the hallway and she was ahead of me in line.   

I knew that they were going to knock me out since my epidural wasn't working so I told my doctor.   Give me more time... I am going to try again.    I tried.  I cried.  I prayed.     Nothing worked.

Finally my doctor came back and said that he would try the "tea cups" as Donald and I refer to them.    After 23 hours....

a 7 pounds 4 ounces beautiful baby boy arrived. 
Completely covered with God's fingerprints in every way!

I still can't believe that was eight years ago today.     Last night before bed, I must have gotten a million hugs and kisses from him.     I told him I needed lots of extra because those were the last 7 year old kisses I would ever get.    

Yes... I am the sappiest Mom ever.   I don't deny it.


Dr. Wifey said...

Happy Birthday to Little Guy!!!! BTW, what are tea cup - or do I even want to know?? ;)

Wilson said...

Hope he has a great day!

Deanna said...

"Tea cup" is what we call the little suction cup that they place on the babies head to guide him out. It left him looking like a cone head for a couple of days. ha!

K Storm said...

Sissy was a cone head too! It is hard to believe how fast time passes with these kids, isn't it?

Shelby said...

I hope he's having a beautiful day!

black betty said...

happy burfday!