Monday, November 2, 2009

The Cook-Off

Saturday morning, Little Guy got up early and pulled out all his special ingredients.      He started by browning some chicken in butter and garlic.

Next he began opening some cans of ingredients.

He poured in his spices, some veggies and other things which make his white bean chicken chili special and set it to cook for the day.

Saturday night we gathered his crock pot and went to our church's Fall Festival.     Little Guy's eyes were not detered by the games, costumes or candy.     He was headed straight for the Soup/Gumbo/Chili Cook-Off Tables.       

We got him set up and waiting for the judges.    How cute is he in his denim apron and chef's hat?

After the judges tasted, the festival goers got to eat.      It took exactly 20 minutes for Little Guy to empty his crock pot.     People were begging for his recipe.

Finally, they announced the winners.     When they announced the chili winner it wasn't Little Guy, but it was a friend so we all cheered.     Little Guy was about to go run off to the cake walk to try to win a cake when Pastor Buddy said, "And this year's Overall Chili/Gumbo/Soup Festival Winner is Little Guy!"    

We all cheered, high fived and hugged...

then we went and got in the cake walk line!

To see Little Guy's Winning Recipe


Dr. Wifey said...

that is awesome! i can just imagine how excited Little Guy was!

Wilson said...

Way to go. Tell Tanner that I need a chef to come to my house on occasion and whip up something when I'm too tired. :)

Allison said...

That is SO awesome! Way to GO Little Guy!!!

I printed off the recipe and plan to try it real soon!

K Storm said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe...we may have to eat that soon since it was gobbled up when we got to Fall Festival!!! I was there to hear his name as the winner!