Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Vacay - Part 1

When hubs took me to see "Wicked" back in July, we saw on the calendar that the Cirque de Soleil Christmas show was going to be in town over the Thanksgiving holiday.     I started working, scraping and saving to buy tickets to take the boys away to see this show as well as the CSI: Live! Mad Science show.

The Cirque Holidaze show was awesome!     I loved the toy soldier who performed on the tight rope.    Little Guy loved the girls who performed with the chinese yo-yos and on the bicycles.       Big Guy thought the audience participation with the bells was really cool.      Really and truly it was all amazing and hard to describe!

The CSI:Live show was part of The Orpheum's family series so we went again the next night.    An entire show about forensic science and solving a mystery which happened on the stage at the beginning of the show?     The boys thought it ROCKED!!

On the way into the show we passed the Mad Science van and grabbed a quick pic.

Before the show, the Mad Science people were conducting experiements that the kids could participate in...

They also made twirler airplanes which I kept carefully in my purse until after the show.    When we got back to the hotel they got permission from the front desk to fly them off the top floors and let hubs catch them in the downstairs atrium.       They had the best time ever and so did we watching them have fun.


K Storm said...

What a great trip!

Dr. Wifey said...

i would LOVE to see the CSI live show. that is right up my alley :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wilson said...

I love Cirque! Sounds like a great trip!