Friday, January 7, 2011

The Start of December Fun (Late Posting!)

Wow!    I am so far behind in blogging all that we have done lately.      Some of it is on purpose.     I like to try to stay away from the computer as much as possible during the month of December so I can focus on Christmas so I only posted what was necessary.   

However, our December was so full of wonderful fun that I will be catching up in the next few days.    One of the first things we do every year is have an early Christmas with our friends from Atlanta.    It is by far our favorite time of December.   

The kids were excited that we got a little dusting of snow.    The big boys were too busy playing to go outside, but Little Guy and Star were glad to go out!

We they were outside playing in the cold the big boys were inside playing a game of medieval strategy called Castle Panic.    Right up their alley. 

While the kids were all occupied, my friend and I did what we like to do best!    Snuggled under blankets on the couch in front of the fire and talked for hours.     If the kids came to ask, "Can we?"   We said, "Sure!!!"   

Their "can we" list included everything from baking cookies to making homemade rubber bouncy balls to art projects to xBox to games to riding bikes/scooters to building luminary boxes.    

We have a couple of traditions when our friends come over.     One is to have a special Christmas breakfast.   Our menu isn't set in stone, but one thing is always part of the menu.   I serve hot chocolate and all the kids have their special cocoa teapots.   You can see the teapot in this picture of Little Guy.  He was just sitting down for our Christmas breakfast.    Each teapot sits on top of the individual mug.    They love it and think it is very special!    I think it is special... just like each of them.

Another tradition is to make gingerbread houses.     Four kids.   Four very unique houses.    I love watching the kids create their houses because their personalities show.    Some are very creative, some very precise, some want everything perfect, some are very casual and carefree.    The end results are always gorgeous!

We always have WAY too much candy.     I think as much lands in their mouths as on the houses.

See how they are all wearing their coats in the above picture?    I made them all sit down and take this picture right before we left to go to the Children's Museum.     I'll post about that tomorrow!


The JR said...

They did a great job on the ginger bread houses!

Allison said...

You make me wish I was a kid again so I could hang out at YOUR house!