Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

180 Weekend 2011 is over, but my heart is so full of worship it just might explode!  I just spent an entire weekend with the group you see in the photo above.   180 Weekend is a discipleship weekend which our middle school ministries holds each year in January.     It is an intense weekend of worship, Bible study, fun, games, and food.  

Hubs and I were so excited to be a host home this year.    We were assigned 6th grade boys.   We had 13 of them packed into our little house.   This is a group photo of our sweet "Team Red".     (A few are missing because they had to go to a basketball game.)

Seconds after the the posed photo on the couch... this chaos ensued.    I love the face of my college leader, Aaron.     Priceless!

Speaking of my college leader, Aaron.   Can you say AMAZING?!?     He led the Bible study sessions for the boys.    The theme of the sessions were:  Think Big!  Big God.  Big Faith.  Big Life.

He organized the boys and helped them decorate their 180 weekend t-shirts.

He played games with them and kept them completely entertained during their free times.

He even managed to get all thirteen of them in and out of the shower, dressed and ready for bed in one hours time!     (I don't have pictures of that.  Ha!)    How impressive is that?

You are probably wondering... what in the world did YOU do?     It was our job to love on these sweet boys and to feed them for the weekend.      

What did it take to feed thirteen 6th graders for 180 weekend?  200 chicken nuggets, sausage rotel dip, 18 2 liters, 1 gallon white milk, 1 gallon chocolate milk, 1 gallon orange juice, 80 slices bacon, 8 dozen cinnamon rolls, 8 dozen pigs in a blanket, 12 bags of chips, 6 bags of cookies, 2 bags powdered donuts, 6 dozen homemade cookies, 2 boxes of popcorn, and 32 cups of hot chocolate!    And that was just at our house.    They ate three meals at the church.

Today I will be trying to return my house back to normal.    Just to give you a glimpse.   This is what my dining room looked like...

Just to be clear.    It did not bother me.    It was all part of the fun of being a host home.    I would do it all over again next weekend.    I had that much fun.

Unfortunately, 180 Weekend only comes once a year.      I already can't wait until 180 Weekend 2012!


Shelby said...

Great googly moogly! It looks like a fun time was had by all! And what a great reason to have so many boys together! Awesome, Deanna!

The JR said...

That's a lot of boys in one house!