Friday, March 20, 2015

Moments of Awesome in Atlanta

Now that our kids have gotten to the high school years it is next to impossible to coordinate our schedules.   However, there comes a point and time when my friend and I say "ENOUGH!"  I reached that point a few weeks ago.  I told my boys, "My car is leaving here on this date.  You can go with me or not, but I am out of here!"    I realize that sounds drastic, but there comes a time when you need some time with your best friend to talk, shop and get your sanity back.    Thank goodness when I loaded the car the boys loaded up with me, because let's be honest, the trip wouldn't have been the same without them. 

Here are some tidbits from our time:
  • We keep quite a few question type games in the glove compartment of the car.  Right now we have "Loaded Questions" in there.  There are all type of random questions:  If you could be a character from any novel who would you be?  What do you consider the worst household chore?  What is one invention you wish had never been created?    Love these times when the boys talk for long periods of time because we are playing a game, but I learn SO much about what they are thinking. 

  • It is very easy to embarrass your boys when you are in a car with them for 7 hours.   I was getting tired and restless and starting dancing to keep myself awake.   A car drove by and the driver was dancing with me.  I thought that Little Guy was going to crawl into the floorboard.  Ha! 

  • I filled up my car for $26 and was able to drive all the way from my driveway to my friend's driveway.   Amazing!   
  • While my friend was teaching, Little Guy and I adventured out to find an art store.  There were quite a few to choose from, but they were all so spaced out.  Like 50 miles apart from each other!  He chose Blick Art Store because we have shopped online, but loved the idea of going to their brick and mortar store.   It is good thing there isn't one of these closer to us because we could spend a LOT of money here.


  • I was able to go see my sweet Karen play Jane in Tarzan.  She is so amazingly talented and has an incredible voice.   Could someone write a play that features JUST her?   See that picture below?  That is ALL the people that came just for opening night to see her.  

  • My best friend's homemade chicken salad.   Seriously.... some of my favorite comfort food right there!
  • Speaking of food.... we stopped at a Firehouse Subs at one point and this adorable little guy climbed up to the table with Big Guy.  It was so cute.   He was in a family with all girls so I am sure that another boy was very appealing to him plus the fact that Big Guy had a cell phone made him extra awesome.  

  • Alex, the wonder pup.   I adore this dog.  I would have stolen him and brought him home with me, but I am pretty sure that he would give our cat a nervous break down.  They would be the real life equivalent of Garfield and Odie. 

  • Like every trip, our time went way too quickly.  We are back home and into the crazy routine we call life.  I am just so glad that we God gave us these friends that are family to us.

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