Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Children and the Election

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K Storm said...

I went over and read that...very true. I was surprised when my kids started saying that we "hate" the other candidate too. I corrected them and said "we disagree with some of his views, we don't use the word hate". Important for us to show faith and the right example in this time too.

Carrie said...

Okay, so for my last comment in my Deanna's Corner comment-a-thon, I decided to make it a loooooong one!! Are you ready for it? Are you???

I know you said you don't talk too much politics around the rugrats, but I am so glad I was brought up in a home where politics were discussed with us, even when we were quite young.

This may be one area where we actually don't see eye to eye! *gasp* Write it in the record books, people!!

I think sometimes kids catch bits and pieces and it leads them to fill in the blanks and they get wrong or improper ideas. I believe that people only catching bits and pieces is a big part of what is wrong in our society today.

People don't know how things work, so they wait for someone to fill in the blanks for them. I want my kids to know what is going on out in the world so we can discuss it and I can help her learn to fill in her own blanks. When they're out on their own, I don't want them to believe all the hype in the news or learn about politics from Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show(while somewhat enjoyable--not exactly educational)!!

If I send my children to public school (and that's a big if), I sure as heck don't want that to be the only place they hear about politics!!

*exiting soapbox now*

But I agree with you that God is the one in charge and THAT is the most important thing to teach your children!! So Amen, dearest Deanna. A-men!

Deanna said...

I agree with you. I definitely want my boys their views on politics and their information on politics from us. We have definitely talked about it with our boys. We talk about everything, but knowing our youngest, who is so completely literal. We know that we need to be careful what he sees on television. He will take some of the things that are said as literal truth and we don't want to be fighting that battle with as many ads and as many days as we have left to election day.

See? We don't disagree as much as you thought. Whew!!

Carrie said...

YAAAAAAY! See we ARE long lost sisters!