Saturday, October 18, 2008

Faithful Servant... Award

A little while ago, my sweet friend Willow sent me this award. I was so touched by it that I didn't post it immediately. To be viewed in someone else's eyes as a faithful servant is so humbling. It is ultimately my goal for when I stand before my Savior's face... that he would see me as a faithful servant and say: "Well done."

Thank you, Willow! For your friendship, your encouragement, and your thoughtfulness!


Carrie said...

You deserve this award D!! I love all of your posts, but I especially enjoy your God posts!! I have so much respect for those who have a special eloquence about the Lord. I stumble and bumble around and have a hard time putting things into words. I know it doesn't matter to Him, but it wouldn't hurt to be able to express it!!

So thank YOU for your words! Keep'em comin'!!

Crystal said...

Aww that's so sweet! You really do deserve this award. You give a lot of people a lot of encouragement on a daily basis.