Friday, October 10, 2008

I'll Trade That "A" for a Doughnut!

The boys came home with their report cards yesterday. As soon as I picked up the boys we talked about their day and then I asked, "Did you get your report cards?"

"Yes maam!" they answer in unison.


"Yes maam!" again they answer in unison and start grinning.

Oh the "A's" are important and mean they studied and all that, but what they really mean is KRISPY KREME!! On report card day, you can take your report card to Krispy Kreme and get free doughnuts for every "A" that you have on your report card.

This is a huge treat to the boys because we don't go to Krispy Kreme at any other time.

When they walked in last night the girl handed everyone a free sample hot glazed. Yum! Then the boys gave her the report cards. She said, "Pick out what you want!" The best thing is that they don't restrict you to just glazed. You can have any doughnut you want!

Both boys have fun deciding what kind of doughnuts they want and since they did so great on their report cards, they both came home with their own boxes full of scrumptious delights to enjoy throughout the weekend!

Thank you, Krispy Kreme! I heart you!

P.S. They also take their report cards to GattiTown where they load money onto Gatti cards for their A's. These businesses who support kids for studying... ROCK!


Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

That is awesome on the A's and free doughnuts. Thanks Deanna I had no idea Krispy Kreme did that.. hmmm now I'm going have to get Addie's free doughnuts..

Dr. Wifey said...

can i borrow you boys and their report cards? i promise to return them as soon as we leave Krispy Kreme! LOL kudos to the boys and KK!

K Storm said...

When Sissy gets to the point where they give real grades we'll have to remember that. She's got S grades now.

Deanna said...

Confessions - We have so many doughnuts it is unbelievable. Maybe she will share with you.

Wifey - Does that mean you would drive all the way here? Come on!!

K - Take her! They honor those report cards too. Little Guy's report card was the same way.

i'm black betty said... shouldn't have told me that. i am sooo gonna steal alice's daughter and take her up there and PRAY that she lets me have her "A" donuts! LOL!!!



way to go, boys! i know you are sooo proud!

gingela5 said...

Congrats to them on getting good grades! I'm not a huge krispy kreme fan so it would be more of a punishment for me--haha! Have a WONDERFUL Friday!

Sara said...

That is great!!!

mayberry said...

Tell them to eat one for me. Chocolate with sprinkles please.

Miss Mud Puddle said...

Way to go, boys!

Deanna, you're doing a great job as a mom. In case you haven't been told that lately.

Crystal said...

Congrats to your boys on their good grades, that is awesome! I had no idea Krispy Kreme did that. We don't have a Krispy Kreme around here, if we did I would be borrowing someone's kid for sure!

Deanna said...

Betty - If you take her up there you will at least get your free one. They gave a free one to everyone in the family. Guess they figured the parents at least helped with the homework!

Gingela - I am not a big Krispy Kreme fan either so they are not tempting me at all sitting in there.

Sara - Won't be long you'll be eligible for this!

Mayberry - They got those... halloween colored sprinkles.

Miss Mud - You are too sweet. I have good boys.

Crytal - Put that on your "list" of things to check out for your next move. Does it have a Krispy Kreme? There have to be priorities in life. Ha!

Felicia said...

Good to know that about Gatti town, bummer that we don't get report cards until after the break even though the nine weeks ended Thursday. Oh well I'm sure we'll go again.

Melissa B. said... you think that'll work for me, too? :) I know I've got a few (ancient) report card A's lying around in a box somewhere...seriously, congrats to your guys & congrats to the Mom who raised such smart boys! BTW, please don't forget S x 3 tomorrow. Gotta good one for ya!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! :)

Fun and food for hard work. Sounds good to me.

Sandi said...

What?? I had no idea they did that! Heck yeah!

Veggie Mom said...

I love Krispy Kremes. You've got you some really smart boys there. Congrats to all of you!

Deanna said...

Fe - Hey, girlfriend! Long time no hear.

Melissa - I am pretty sure they got their brains from their Daddy.

RT - Sounds good to me too.

Sandi - Glad to let you know. You'll definitely have to take your daughter.

Veggie - Thanks!