Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tidbits and Citizens Arrest

Thursday was full of little "tidbits"....

After I dropped the boys off at school yesterday I ran into the grocery store to pick up a few potatoes for the soup I was making for supper. While standing in the produce section the misters came on to water down all of the produce. I was startled when something buzzed past my ear. I caught a glimpse of a little bird just as it landed in the midst of the broccoli section. It had arrived to take a little bath. He was having a wonderful shower there on top of that pile of broccoli. I gently took my cell phone out and was focusing it so I could get a picture to show you when I bumped my buggy and scared it away. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! That was the coolest picture I will never get.

I kind of had a Barney Fife moment when I saw this guy (late teens/early 20's) decided to start unloading all of the trash out of his car window while we were parked at the red light. I seriously wanted to start yelling: "Citizens Arrest! Citizens Arrest!" He looked at me in his rear view window and I raised my hands to say, "What do you think you are doing?" When he leaned out his window again to throw more trash, I leaned out and said, "I have you license plate number, if I turn you in you can get a ticket (I have no idea about this)." He huffs, unbuckles, gets out and picks it all up. Then the light turns green and he just sits there and waits and waits and waits until it turns yellow and just as it turns red he floors it through the intersection. Just as he gets through he sticks his hand out the window and waves at me. When I wave back, he takes all his trash and throws it BACK out the window. "GRRR!!!! Citizens Arrest! Citizens Arrest!" (If anyone knows if there is a way to really report this guy, please let me know.)

On the way home from school, Little Guy said that someone was talking about being gay. I kept silent as he talked. "Mom, isn't there a longer word for gay?" "Yes, little guy. The word is homosexual." "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. O.K. Mom, please don't ever say that word again. That word makes me feel like you just dropped me out of a plane and I am going to hit the ground and nobody is going to catch me." End of conversation.


The band director sent us an email yesterday letting us know to check our kid's backpacks for important information about Friday night's mass band night. When I picked Big Guy up from school I said, "I got an email from your band director today. Anything you want to tell me about?" "Uh. Uh. I seriously was not messing around. The boys behind me did not know their music so I got so lost so I started playing the same note over and over. How did he know that? How did you know that?" At this point I start giggling and say, "I was just wondering if you had something in your backpack from Mr. M, what are you talking about?" He got this look on his face and said, "Mom! That is BLACKMAIL!"

On Sunday, I was seriously stressing about how I was going to make it to Friday when I would get my next deposit into my grocery fund. I had less than $20 and almost no groceries. I began digging through all of our cabinets, freezer and just praying that God would help me figure out how to use what we had to create meals. Not only has God stretched our food and helped me create some new recipes, but today I received a $60 check in the mail. I also started doing some contract work for someone which will allow me to make a little extra money to help supplement our grocery budget plus hopefully give us a little Christmas money. Talk about a Thankful Thursday!
On more thing to be thankful for.... I have a great friend who has been lurking my blog for forever. She finally decided to jump into the blogging arena (lions and all). I hope you will go say "Hey!". Trust me... you are in for some amusing moments! (And don't believe anything she has to say about me.)


Dr. Wifey said...

do the misters at the grocery store make thunder noises too? they did that at the grocery store where i worked
you should have yelled at the trashy guy "Hey! It's my Mississippi too!" LOL
my mom used to do that "blackmail" thing with my sister and she always got herself in trouble! me, i would just say, nope, not sure what you are talking about
God is so good! He always provides :o)

Conservative Belle said...

Dr. Wifey, they do that at some store I was in recently - maybe Brookshires. I can't remember now. Funny!

Deanna, Citizen's Arrest is my absolutely FAVORITE Andy Griffith Show episode. You could have told him "I'm not your momma" too. Hee!

So glad for your financial blessings. I'm praying God will steer me into a (2nd) part-time job that allows me to self-pace since I also work full-time. I'm trying to pay off debt and want to get there by working hard. :)

Deanna said...

Wifey - I don't remember a thunder sound. And I promise not to make a habit out of "blackmailing" the boys. Pinkie promise! And you are so right. God is good. All the Time.

Belle - Why didn't I think of that? That would have been the best thing to say to that guy! I'll add your 2nd part time job to my prayer list. I'm also going to add our schedules onto my prayer list... we have got to work it out to meet for coffee or something. :-)

From the Doghouse said...

What a great blog today!

Oh, and if you have his license, turn it in!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

LOL - those are some GREAT tidbits which totally made me laugh except for the litterbug who makes me want to smack him upside the head and sentance him to 4 months of Saturday road clean up.

i'm black betty said...

that's when you yell, "i ain't ya mama!" go kitty fordice! LOL!!!

so there was a bird in the grocery store? weird!!! hate you missed the pic. :(

Deanna said...

Doghouse - I'm on it!

Lizzy - That littering is something to considering in your campaign. Vote for Lizzy!

Betty - That Mac's is all about customer service... even for birds. ha!

gingela5 said...

Great tidbits! I would have stretched them out to make each a blog entry! Haha that's how lame I am! And YAY for the extra money! What a God blessing!

Sharon said...

Now this is a catch up post for sure! lets see if I get this right, The birdie in the shower, ohhhh how adorable. That would of been a great picture. The trash guy I don't know either, But isn't that just plain sad. He seems very immature for sure. "God saw Him do it". The music situation "Way to Go Mom" that sneaky stuff is like a kodak moment isn't it. hahahaha.... And Praise God for supplying your needs.
Great post, you had me smiling and laughing
Be Blessed

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

haha he just wanted to take a bath in a cool spot. Ok the trash thing makes me sick, errr I get so mad at people for throwing out trash ..I'm with you citizens arrest for sure... and that guy was a moron..

LOL so you are getting those hard to answer questions... Lord I'm starting to get them .. I hate answering them...

Willow said...

This post is the bomb! And I've gotta go check out your friend's blog!

Deanna said...

Gingela - You are not lame! You have had a seriously bad week.

Sharon - That trash guy - God saw him do it, but the devil made him do it1

Confessions - On those hard questions I am learning to think fast and talk slow.

Willow - Say hi... she is a great friend.

Miss Mud Puddle said...

Deanna - I don't know what to say. But if you give me his license number, I'll hunt him down for you...


Melissa B. said...

I seriously laughed out loud, just picturing the Bird on the Broccoli! Since he apparently lives at the grocery store, why don't you bring your camera next time, and maybe you'll get a shot? And I DEFINITELY think you should make a citizen's arrest the next time you see Barney Fife the Litterbug!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone just sat their and unloaded trash like that. How base.

God knows our needs and provides generously, doesn't he? :) Good for you!

mayberry said...

Dang. That was a busy day. And I LOVE it when God sends me money just as I'm running out! He has never failed me.

~Deidra~ said...

I LOVED this post! Thanks for the smiles this morning.