Friday, March 6, 2009

Open Door Policy

All of a sudden we have a new rule in our house.   No closed doors allowed.     Who has decided this is a rule?   Our cat!   

When we came home from our weekend in Birmingham she was really mad at us for leaving her.    She followed us around like we were going to leave her again.     She meowed for three hours straight letting us know in no uncertain terms that she was mad.    She all picked her up and loved on her and she purred and took it all in, but she still "meowed" her fury.

That eventually faded, but we have noticed that she has now decided that she does NOT like closed doors.   

***If Big Guy comes home from school and closes his door to do homework... she sits outside and meows.
***If someone goes in the bathroom and closes the door (for obvious reasons)... she sits outside and meows.
***Go in the bedroom to change clothes and close the door... she sits outside and meows.

As soon as you open the door?   She gets up and walks off.     Just don't close that door.    

Anyone who has ever said that pets don't have a personality has never had a pet!     As far as our sweet Kit Kat... she is rotten, but we love her.


Supermom said...

We couldn't find out cat last night when we got home from work. She was eventually found in the master closet locked in. (why she wasn't meowing is beyond me).

That's the third time in the past couple of weeks she's gotten herself locked in there. This morning I see her strutting over to the closet and I said, "First time lock you in the closet, shame on me. Second time lock you in the closet shame on you. Third time, lock you in the closet is your own stupid fault. Do it a fourth time and I have no pity."

My husband rolled his eyes and just shooed her away. :) Dumb cat.

Taylor & Krisa said...

As cats always do...she's running the house now!

Dr. Wifey said...

animals have very distinct, wonderful personalities! this is why i love them so much :)
my cats will rip up the carpet trying to get in a room that has a closed door. needless to say, we have an open door policy at our house as well LOL

Jennifer said...

We had a cat when I was growing up that would scratch on the front door if he wanted in. One day we opened the door and he was on the screen door eye to eye with us looking at us like, "Did you not hear me the first time?" Ha! :) Cats are so funny! :)

Carrie said...

Hahaha That's awesome! I love how she voices her displeasure the whole time it's shut and then just leaves. hehe

Naughty kitty!

Amy W said...

So funny!!! I love kitty cats. Now that we have kids, the girls would LOVE to have a pet. I'm still holding out though.

Anonymous said...

It's a cat thing--do not close that door because I want to see what you are doing and annoy you while you are doing it.