Friday, March 6, 2009

This Is Your Brain On Joy

In Review: I picked this book up at the Christian bookstore several times and thumbed through it. I would read a section and put it down. When this book showed up on the Thomas Nelson book reviewer list, I decided to order it to read it cover to cover to either confirm or eliminate my initial feelings.

Because I deal with illness on a daily basis, I have had to deal with a lot of doctors. One of the character traits that I have learned to despise in a doctor is one who talks "down" to you because you are a patient. This book reminded me of a doctor who thought he was talking down to his patient because he was so much smarter than them. That was one of the first things that frustrated me when I picked it up in the bookstore and that feeling didn't go away as I was reading it in its entirety.

Also, while I can appreciate PMS being jokingly being referred to as the "pre-monster" syndrome, I draw the line and am offended by the author comparing PMS to bipolar disorder. Having several blogger friends who struggle daily with this disorder... I knew how offensive this statement would be to them and their very real issues.

Dr. Henslin and I disagree on the source of joy. He feels that people don't experience joy because of a sick brain. I understand his stance he is a medical doctor and he has been trained to look for a physical cause of all ailments. However, there are lots of physical ailments that can be caused by things that are not physical at all. During the past year I myself have experienced stress which have caused physical ailments. Did that steal my joy? No because that is not seated in my brain... it is seated in my heart.

Why is this book in the Christian bookstore? Well, I guess because the author threw in some Scriptures to supplement his views on joy. As for me, if you looking for encouragement and ways to feel more joyful... pick up your Bible.


Melissa B. said...

I know some people who think they are "Christians" because they can recite scripture. I know exactly what you're talking about!

mayberry said...

Ouch! Scathing review but I'm glad I saved my money because this sounds like a book I might have picked up. =)

HEATHER said...

I'm with Allison, I would have probably picked up this book too, so I am glad you did the review. ;-)