Sunday, February 10, 2008


I woke up at 1:30 last night to see lights on in the living room. When I went to investigate I found Tanner sitting in the chair wrapped up in a blanket watching television. He said he couldn't sleep and he had that unmistakable sheen to his cheeks. FEVER! It was high and I knew what you are already guessing. He had the flu.

As soon as the doctor's office opened we took him in for the flu test and it came back positive. We are now doing yet another family activity... Tamiflu.

Poor Tanner is miserable with body aches. He can't find a comfortable place to sit or rest. He is also coughing so much I think if he could get comfortable he wouldn't be able to sleep anyway. I called the nurse and her response was "give it a little time." I insisted that she give him stronger cough medicine but her sigh over the phone told me she thought I was being ridiculous. What she thinks doesn't matter at this point. My guy is coughing until he gets sick and turning blood red. I think that is a definite sign that the cough medicine isn't working!

I really hope that your house is healthy.

(This blog was sprayed with Lysol before posting!!)

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