Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Not As Flexible As I Used To Be

This up and down weather may not be good for people who are trying to avoid all the sickness going around, but it sure is fun on a Sunday afternoon. It was so nice yesterday that we wanted to be outside and enjoy the fresh air and warm weather.

Even cleaning off the trampoline became a fun game for the boys. After a little while of jumping and playing they invited us to join them for some fun. If you haven't been on a trampoline in a while, it is quite a work out. It is really a work out if both of your boys are sitting in the middle wanting to play "crack the egg". After quite a while of this, I was ready for a break so I conveniently started a tickle fight to give myself a chance to catch my breath.

In the middle of our playing I was trying to show Tanner how I used to lift him up on my feet when he was about two years old. Obviously he is older and much heavier than he was at two and we couldn't quite accomplish this feat like we used to. The more we tried the more we laughed and the more determined he became.

After our fourth attempt, Todd, who had been laughing and giggling with us the whole time, said, "Come on, Tanner, she is not Gumbo!"

I started laughing hysterically. "What is it, Mom?" he said.

"I think you meant, Gumby!"

But, he is right! I'm not as flexible as I used to be!

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