Sunday, February 3, 2008

Toxic People

I discovered a long time ago that my fibromyalgia is a lot more manageable if I control it instead of it controlling me. I was diagnosed in 1994 so learning to live with fibromyalgia has been quite a journey for me.

One of the hardest decisions that I had to make was to eliminate some toxic people from my daily life. Having the power to stay away from these toxic people has improved some of the aspects of my fibromyalgia tremendously. That freedom has been an amazing thing.

My body is in a sense of trauma after dealing with my "toxic" people this past weekend. I could feel my body tensing up the entire day before their arrival and the entire time they were visiting. Now I am trying to detox and convince my body to unwind.

I try to convince my body not to let them have this much affect over me, and I am improving, but ultimately the stress of trying to maintain control affects me deeply.

This is one weekend when I am going to be so glad to see Monday arrive.

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