Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We are blessed to have several large trees in the back yard. Our house backs up to The Natchez Trace so have a beautiful view. About two weeks ago, Big Guy came in and said that there was a problem with one of our trees. While outside he had a stick and happened to lean against the tree. When he leaned the stick went all the way into the tree. That is not supposed to happen. We went outside to look. The outside looked fine, but there was obviously something going on from the inside.

We called several tree guys around and got several quotes. Wow! They must have been planning trip to Disneyworld for the quotes they gave us. I mentioned that we were wanting to cut down a tree on Facebook and several people from church sent us the names of people in our church who did that type of work. We knew them quite well from being in Sunday School and our boys being in Sunday School together, but we didn't realize they did this as a side business. Hubs gave them a call and we set up a time.

Little Guy found himself a safe place to watch from....

Even though the tree was completey dead on the inside, it was kind of sad to see that it only took 1 minute to completely take down what had taken so many years to grow into such a beautiful stately tree.

Little Guy kneeling beside the tree to show how it was rotten from the inside.

Poor Big Guy came out to look at what the tree looked like inside, but he had felt so bad that day.    I only let him come outside for a few minutes and then made him go back inside.   

Now that the tree is down there is a lot of work to do getting it cut up into firewood.     Of course, we are thankful to have the firewood since we are out and they are predicting a really cold winter.       

Isn't God amazing?      He provides for us in so many ways.    The tree was rotted and could have been a danger to our house, but God's hand guided Big Guy to discover the problem.     We were out of firewood, but now we have an overabundance.     He helped us to find just the right person to cut down our tree.       We serve a Big, BIG God!


Dr. Wifey said...

when i see the picture of the tree, i can't help but wonder how many of US are like that tree - beautiful and stately on the outside, but dead and hollow on the inside. Praise God for filling my hollowness :)

HEATHER said...

Amen Dr. Wifey. That could so be said for my younger years-rotten on the inside. I echo what you said-Praise God for filling my hollowness!