Monday, September 10, 2012

Celebrating Little Guy's 11th

Little Guy's birthday weekend was rained out because of Hurricane Isaac.   He wasn't surprised.   Hurricanes are a pretty normal thing for his birthday.    The biggest hurricane to arrive on his birthday was Hurricane Katrina.    

He wanted to invite the guys from his Sunday School class over to spend the night.    He thought it would be fun a great way for them to get to know each other a little better.     Little Guy is low key.  When I went out to buy some special plates and napkins for his birthday he said, "Mom, you wipe your mouth with the napkins and put food on the plates, is there really any need for them to say "Happy Birthday"?"  

The guys were not at the house long when we packed them up to head to play frisbee golf.   They loved it.   Little Guy has played a lot, but his friends had never played.    He gave them all starter frisbees and he is hoping it is something they can go and do together on Saturday afternoons every once in a while.

Once they got back home they were ready for supper.    I had plenty of food for all the hungry guys and one of the boys held his plate up in the air and said, "We feast like kings!"   He was so funny!

During supper Little Guy revealed that his best friend was also having her party about three houses down the road.    They couldn't believe it when I suggested that they go ding ditch them.   I had a package of fake moustaches and they wore them as their "disguises".  

They spent the next two hours running around outside playing flashlight tag and sardines.   Laughing and hollering and having fun.  

Finally we knew they had to come in for showers.   One of the boys just didn't want to take a shower.    I wasn't sure why, but he didn't.    I wasn't sure how to handle that until one of the other boys said, "Dude, you smell like a horse!  Go take a shower."    Thank goodness for positive peer pressure. 

We gathered everybody in the living room and laid out their sleeping bags.   We told them we were going to have family prayers.   One of the guys said, "Do we need to leave?"  Hubs said, "No way.  You guys are part of our family."    It was such a sweet time.  

The boys all settled into their sleeping bags and talked until they drifted off to sleep.   

The next morning they woke up with big appetites and ate three dozen eggs, two dozen biscuits, two dozen cinnamon rolls and sausage.     Hubs said they STILL ate more when they got to Sunday School.   Growing boys are hollow logs I tell you.

Happy 11th birthday, Little Guy!   We love you and we love your friends.


The JR said...

gosh, I've been grown too long....I don't know what some of that stuff is.....

Allison said...

You are such an awesome mom.