Friday, September 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We just returned from vacation.   Both boys are sleeping in this morning and I am enjoying a second cup of coffee.   I am listening to the sounds of the washer and dryer which will probably keep me company all day with all the dirty laundry we brought home.   I just finished uploading the 838 photos we took and I am amazed that we managed to do so much.   

Things I will miss about vacation:

No computers and no deadlines for work.

Having all day every day with my boys.

Seeing my husband completely stress free for the first time in over a year.

Not having too cook and clean!   A friend of mine said she didn't envy us being gone so long and having to eat restaurant food.    We were so fortunate because we were super close to a Whole Foods AND a Trader Joe's which meant we could eat fresh food all the time.  I enjoyed spinach orzo, asparagus pasta, fresh fruit, teriyaki baked chicken, fresh soup, etc...   I didn't eat a burger until the last day on the drive home.    Awesome!

Getting to go on a new adventure every day.   I hope the boys learned as much as I did on this trip!

Things I will NOT miss about vacation:

Being so far away from friends and family.   It was so sweet to get so many emails and text messages from church family and friends who said they were ready for us to come home because they missed us.  

I missed our sweet cat and she missed us.   We left someone to take care of her, but apparently she didn't like them.   She hasn't left our side since we walked in the door.

Living out of a suitcase.  I do not envy people who have to live that life on a consistent basis.

Sharing the bathroom with my three boys.    It wasn't horrible, but the worst part was getting my shower and staying decent in such cramped quarters.   There are not enough places to hide in a hotel room.

Long rides in the car.   The drives were beautiful, but after 10 hours in the car I felt like I had been beat with a bat.

Speaking of driving, Big Guy and I loved all the wildflowers planted in the median of the interstate of Virginia.


Allison said...

Sounds like an AWESOME time. We want to go to DC one day. I know y'all enjoyed it and I enjoyed it vicariously through you on FB!! =)

The JR said...

Glad ya'll are home again.