Monday, September 24, 2012

In Washington, DC

We are on vacation in Washington, DC.    My boys have fallen in love with being here.   We hop on the Metro and ride to whatever we want to do.   So much of DC is free which makes it seem like a huge playground.    Our car has been parked since we have arrived and we have walked everywhere.  

One of the things we dreaded was having to eat out so much, but we are one block from a Trader Joe's and two blocks from a Whole Foods which means we can eat fresh food anytime we want.    Little Guy and I have been in heaven with all the choices like spinach orzo, grilled chicken and asparagus, and fish.   

Both boys have been fascinated with how cultural diverse it is here.   People from everywhere visit DC so you never know what language people will be speaking when they are standing next to you.    We have started playing a game "Guess the Language" when people start to approach us.  We are almost never right.    

When we get home I will be able to download all the pictures we have taken.    Until then, we are about to head back to the Metro to go explore some more!

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The JR said...

Sounds like you are getting some good exercise. Have fun.