Saturday, January 31, 2009

Defrag the Hard Drive

Big Guy brought home a paper from school stating that they are going to be doing drug screening at his school starting January 20th through April 3rd.

For whatever reason, this has brought up a lot of discussion about what constitutes a "drug". My hubs' office conducts random drug screenings so they know what screening is all about and what the purpose of it is supposed to be. However, both boys also know that I take medication for my seizures. Little Guy has had big concerns about my taking "drugs".

Before bed tonight, Little Guy asked me how he would know the right type and amount of medication if he were not at home. He asked about taking too much and how to be safe in taking "drugs".

Both of my boys understand things best when things are explained in word pictures so we started by discussing adding sugar to tea in a restaurant. We talked about the absorption point of the water and compared that to the absorption point of your body with medications. I tried to tell him that is why they have guidelines for medications on the sides of the body and what would happen if you took above those guidelines.

All of that lead into a discussion between the difference between good and bad drugs: Tylenol vs. cocaine. Taking your prescription that you need vs. taking a prescription for fun.

After a while I could tell that Big Guy had had the answers he was looking for so I tucked him into bed. He put his hand on his head and I asked if he was O.K.

He said, "Wow, Mom, this is a lot of information. It is almost like pills are little computers that go to your brain and help it know how to get well. Right now, I feel like I need to defrag my hard drive. It is in overload and about to crash. All this deep talk makes my head hurt."

Me too, but hopefully this information will be burned on his "hard drive".


K Storm said...

Its amazing how many deep discussions we have had lately. Sometimes I am not so sure it all sticks, but you just pray the most important parts do.

Carrie said...

"Ahhhhh, my eyes!! Delete! Delete! Delete!!"

One of my favorite moments from your blog--EVER!

Your kids really do think in "computer" don't they??? " )

Melissa B. said...

I defragged my hard drive yesterday. I know what he means! You sure do have in-depth convos with those boys...a wonderful thing. BTW, 2 other things: Don't forget today's Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. AND, please come over to my place to vote for the Hubz, Mr. Fairway. Thanks!