Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Else Do You Say?

The boys were outside today playing after school. I hear them screaming and saying, "Eat it! Eat it!" They were literally daring each other to eat pieces of cat food.

One of them ran in and said, "Mom, he ate a piece of cat food!"

I just picked up my glass of iced tea and said as nonchalantly as possible, "I guess you guys won't want seconds on supper tonight, huh?"

Then I walked out the room and secretly gagged.


My cat, Kit Kat, is very lovey tonight. She is all snuggled up on my lap and wants me to pet her. I got all comfy on the couch and she crawled up on my shoulder and was just purring and sniffing and acting like she was in heaven.

After a few minutes, it hit me. I spent the day with my sweet twin nieces and my shirt smells like baby milk. Kit Kat thinks I am wearing cat perfume!! ha!


Amydeanne said...

lol my dog used to lick my shirts if I left them anywhere b/c they were usually covered with formula.. only this year has that kinda stopped.. now i'm usually covered with PB & J lol

funny about the cat food, joshy, my youngest was eating dog food yesterday ewwwwwwwwww

HEATHER said...

That is too funny! The things I miss out on by only having one child! LOL!!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

So funny!

Supermom said...

Eww! I don't know which would be worse (if that is even possible): dry or wet cat food.

And just imagine how snugly Kit Kat would have been if you also had catnip in your pocket!

Dr. Wifey said...

those boys....LOL
guess you know now to rub milk all over your clothes to get some Kit Kat snuggle time in :)