Monday, June 8, 2009

Batter Up!

Little Guy's baseball season is winding down and winding up all at the same time. His last regular season game was last Monday night, but his team has done really well this year. His league is split into an American league and National league. He plays on the National League for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

This past weekend began the tournaments of the season. Little Guy's team played at 8:00 Saturday morning. I don't know what they had for breakfast, but they came to the field ready to play. There was a 15 point different in the score by the 3rd inning. Because of our win, we came back at 12:00 for another game.

Hubs' brother, Uncle R and our little nephew, Lu, came out to be part of the cheering square for Little Guy. Lu was really intriqued by the game. He kept close watch on the field and all those boy running around with that little ball.

Our Coach has a tournament tradition of serving his team chocolate milk and donuts. It is his lucky tradition he said. The boys didn't care if it was lucky or not because they just thought it was yummy!

BUT Coach must really know what he is talking about because our guys won their 12:00 game 20-3! We will be playing in the championship game tonight at 6:00. If we win, we will be the National League Champs. After that we will immediately play again against the American League Champs to see who will be the League Champs.

See that sweet face? He could care less about all this. Baseball is the same to him as riding his bike, playing a computer game or anything else. When he is on the field he LOVES it, but does he get stressed out about it. No. He is just having fun. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Now if we parents can just think that way! Ha!


Dr. Wifey said...

congrats to Little Guy and his team! good luck tonight!

From the Doghouse said...

Good for him!

i'm black betty said...

way to go!!! good luck tonight! :)

Sara said...

Good luck! What sweet little cheeks!

Veggie Mom said...

The best way to handle pressure is to approach it the way your Little Guy does. Hope he keeps winning!