Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Surrender All

Book Review: I was contacted by Larry Ross Communication and asked if I would review a book written by Joni Lamb. It is my understanding that she has a television show, but I have personally never heard of her. The main reason I agreed to review this book was because of the title, "Surrender All".

Unlike the common saying, I DO believe in judging a book by its cover because of the fact that it reflects a lot of the publisher, author and sometimes intent of the book. Seeing Ms. Lamb's publicity shot on the cover of the book bothered me when the intent of the book was "Surrender All".

Ms. Lamb has a beautiful story and definitely an incredible testimony. All of us go through and experiences in our lives, but being able to develop a life of complete surrender is something that so many fail to reach. Ms. Lamb's heart for seeing others experience the freedom that can only come from Christ comes across in her writing. She states easily some of the foundational truth that each of us need to be reminded of during times of crisis: God will never leave or forsake you.; God's timetable is not our timetable.; God's desire is to see us love Him and accept all He offers us.

There were moments when I wish Ms. Lamb would have been a little less "self absorbed" in her writing, but overall this is a book that held great encouragement.

Book Description:
Incredible things happen when you give up control.

As a young wife and mom-to-be, Joni Lamb never imagined a dream and Duct tape could launch a growing television network and career as host of two programs that reach millions of viewers worldwide every day with help, hope, and wisdom. Then a simple act of surrender to God helped her use ordinary things to achieve her extraordinary dreams.

That same simple act can help you find unshakeable peace, incredible power, and confident purpose too. Surrender All contains practical know-how and Joni’s remarkable story of how giving up control to God can…

• deepen every relationship,
• buoy any career,
• strengthen all finances,
• restore your health;
• get you through great loss or failure.

Drawing upon her experiences as a wife, mother, and television personality, Joni also shares the inspiring stories of others, celebrities and everyday folk, who found fresh hope in difficult circumstances by surrendering all:

• the couple whose marriage was fully restored–two years after their divorce,
• the mother whose faithful prayers for her drug-dealing son received an unexpected answer,
• the romance novelist who surrendered her career and found a whole new level of success,
• and the renowned sportscaster whose alcohol addiction nearly destroyed his life…until he chose to believe that God had greater plans for his future.

You can step confidently into your own divinely-designed destiny, Joni’s story reveals; she comes alongside to show you the way to making real the dreams of a heart willing to Surrender All.

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