Thursday, June 18, 2009


Little Guy didn't get to go to our own VBS because of his swim lessons.    When his best friend invited him to attend VBS with him he jumped at the chance.     It not only was a chance to go to VBS but to spend a week with friends he hasn't seen since school dismissed.

He has really had a great time this week.      Yesterday was wet 'n' wild Wednesday.    Monday they had some sort of donut eating contest that was really up Little Guy's alley.  

As with any VBS they are taking up offerings each day for missions.   Since we have three people in our lives that are so active in missions, this hits home with Tanner.     He has gathered every spare coin and drained us dry of cash to help out their missions cause and of course.... beat the girls!

The only glitch of the week was Tuesday when the church had a carbon monoxide leak.    Little Guy said they were in the sanctuary when smoke started pouring in, lights started flashing and sirens started going out.    He said they took everyone outside to the parking lot.     Fire trucks and ambulances showed up and the kids were kept outside for the rest of the VBS day.      Tanner said the VBS workers tried to organize the "largest ever dodge ball game" to potentially send in to the Guinness Book of World Records.    However, he said the heat was too much and some of the kids started having problems with dehydration.   

Kudos to the Broadmoor Baptist Staff for handling such a "glitch" to their VBS and praise God for protecting all the 1,200 children and staff that were attending that day!

Side note funny:   When Little Guy got home from VBS, Big Guy started picking on him about something.  Little Guy looked at him with a straight face and said, "Cut me some slack, dude, I almost died at VBS today!"


Allison said...

There have been times I thought VBS would kill me too.......=)

i'm black betty said...

LOL at his comment. i LOVE your kids. :)

Dr. Wifey said...

his near death experience at VBS should allow him some slack LOL

Sara said...

HA! T-man has such a sense of humor. They both do actually, but that really cracked me up!

RT said...

My uncle was a missionary for about 40 years. Thank you for supporting the work of missionaries. :)

I can still remember some of the crafts I made at VBS, but my favorite times were when we all met in the church sanctuary for songs, canned food donations, and collecting for the missionaries. :)