Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting Ready For The Weekend

Hubs' family has a reunion every couple years during the 4th of July weekend. Obviously, it is easy to decorate for the reunion with such a huge holiday.

I don't know what your reunions are like, but hubs' reunions are like nothing I have ever seen before. Your first reunion can be very overwhelming to say the least. Donald's family isn't just grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles. There are eleven "divisions" of the family. There is Harold, Henry, Edward, etc... I won't name them all. Obviously this means a LOT of people which means we need a big space. We stay at the family church campground WAY out in the country. If you have ever been to an old fashioned campmeeting where services are held under an open air tabernacle and people sit in chairs fanning themselves because of the Mississippi heat... you get the picture.

A weekend consists of lots of catching up with family, sweating, eating homemade ice cream, sweating, watching fireworks over the pond (which they say probably won't happen because of the burn ban), sweating, swimming, lots of good food, tours around the family homesteads and cemeterys, fishing, softball games, and more sweating. Ha!

We will stay in a cabin by the pond so I am looking for ways to decorate our porch for the weekend. Since we have gone so many times I have lots of decorations, but here are a few new ideas I have found:

I love this sign and think it would be great hanging in between the posts on our porch. Instructions Here

I don't have instructions for this, but Little Guy and I love to get in the kitchen and create. We intend to make another fireworks fruit display! This time I think we are going to dip some marshmallows in white chocolate and sprinkle with red and blue sprinkles.

The boys will love snacking on these....  (Instructions Here)

I love this simple idea for my kitchen table. Instructions Here (Since sand is so messy and you can't store it, I think I am going to use white and red beans to get the same effect. Plus we can eat them when we are done.)

At the end of weekend, the boys are going to stay with Grandma and Grandpa because hubs and I are going away to celebrate our 19th anniversary. I am going to be making these bags and filling them with little treats and notes as a way of saying, "Love you. Miss you. Be back soon." This ADORABLE treat bag is one of the cutest things I have found in a while! Instructions Here


Taylor & Krisa said...

Great ideas! We're having some friends over to cookout Friday so I might steal some of your ideas. I love parties!

Dr. Wifey said...

wow! what a reunion! those decorations are too cute - watch out, Martha Stewart!

From the Doghouse said...

You're just too clever.

Tyanne said...

very cute!! I am sure I will use a couple of those!

HEATHER said...

I love the 4th, but hate the sweating! ;-)
Hope you all have a great time!

Crystal said...

Those decorations are really cute. Have a fun 4th and enjoy the reunion. We have a reunion to go to this weekend as well, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Shelby said...

This sounds like so much fun -- well, except for maybe the sweating part! The decorations and treats are remarkable -- you have SUCH a gift for making a home even at a reunion!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL time.