Monday, June 29, 2009

A Special Weekend

Every year, hubs takes the boys away from Father/Son weekends.     This past weekend hubs and Big Guy had their weekend away which meant Little Guy and I had the weekend together.

One of the fun things about this time is that I let the boys have almost all the choice in what they want to do.    This is quite a privilege considering that most of the time we stress the fact that we have to consider each member of the family when making decisions.

Friday night, Little Guy really wanted to go swimming but he wanted to invite one of his friends to go with us.     So we did!    They swam, played, did canonballs, as long as they could stand it.    Little Guy said, "What time do we have to go?"   When I told him that he got to pick the time he turned to his friend and said, "You let me know when you are ready because you are the guest."     I was proud of him because I knew after swimming all those laps he was exhausted..   

 After grabbing some supper, we took J back to his house and spent some time with his family.    They are very good friends and fun to sit and chat with.

Saturday morning we got up and drove to Crystal Springs for Tomato Fest.      As we were driving out of town we noticed a Sidewalk Sale at one of our favorite shopping spots so we stopped to browse for a little while.    We bought several small items including a kitchen gadget which I am in love with (I'll tell you about it tomorrow!).      One thing I really, really, really wanted was a 1800's double bench school desk.    The antique lady had had it in her home and had just unloaded it from her truck.    I was sooo tempted.

Little Guy always challenges me with his conversation topics and our drive was no different.    He wanted me to explain the Interstate system.   He was so impressed he started naming all the highways and Interstates he could remember us driving to figure out which direction they went.

We arrived at the Tomato Fest and were so glad we had taken water with us.    It was so, so hot.  

 Little Guy was immediately attracted to all the booths with games.     He asked to play and I agreed, but after he played the first game he turned and said, "This is one big fat waste of money."    Smart boy!

When you are about to melt into a puddle, there is nothing more appealing than the sound of someone calling "Homemade Ice Cream!".      When we found the source of that call I thought I was never going to drag Little Guy away from looking at the ice cream "machine".    He thought it was the coolest contraption he had ever looked at.    I could see his wheels turning trying to figure out if he could do something like that.

We made a trip by Christie's family's booth to buy a daylily.   I don't have a picture of it, but I really should take a picture of it because her Mom promised me I could grow it.     I am going to feel really awful if I kill that daylily.    You should have seen the photos of all the beautiful different varieties.     I am going to need to contact Christie to see about getting Little Guy a Spiderman daylily.    He was kind of disappointed those were sold out.
Little Guy considered it a bonus that there was a Civil War display and gentleman more than anxious to talk to him about that time era.
Wow!   What a tomato!
Despite the myriad of food carts,we both decided that we wanted some place cool to sit and something good to eat.     We both noticed a little sign on the interstate advertising a new restaurant in Terry so we decided to give it a try.    They were having their grand opening and holding a family day with popcorn, sno cones, face painting and balloons outside in their courtyard area.
Inside it was nice and cool and we ate heaping plates of catfish, green beans, cajun rice, potato salad and cornbread.   The restaurant was run by a big family and managed by a woman named Meme (hence the name of the restaurant - Meme's Cajun Cooking).     Meme was a great woman and quite a few people referred to her as Madea which I thought was awesome because it kind of summed up the feel of the place.    She was just thrilled when we told her that we came by because we saw her sign.
After a quick nap, we rounded out the day by playing in the water hose and then trying to catch fireflies.  
It was just about the most wonderful weekend.     I can't wait until Big Guy and I have our weekend together in a few weeks.


Dr. Wifey said...

sounds like fabulous Mother/Son weekend! your sons are blessed....

i'm black betty said...

what an awesome weekend!!!!

From the Doghouse said...

Sounds like a great one!

So, when do we all meet at Meme's to eat?

Melissa B. said...

What Superior Snaps, Deanna! I have to say that even in their "old age," my girls still opt for the pool over anything else.

BTW, my youngest just launched a photo blog, and I'm shamelessly trolling for traffic. Please visit my site to see what she's got going, and pay her a visit!

Wyatt Earp said...

Good Lord, look at the size of that tomato!!!