Friday, June 12, 2009

Encouraging Word

This summer two very special friends in my life that are spending their summers doing mission work in other countries. Another friend is leaving to go into full time ministry. They have blogs to keep their families (and friends) informed about what is going on. However, I am sure that they would appreciate encouraging words from anywhere. I know all of you.... you are loving, kind and some of the best encouragers around. Drop by, read about their trips and leave them a note!

A Day In My Life
This is the blog of my precious cousin, Hannah. She is spending her second summer there loving and ministering to orphaned children in Uganda. It is her heart's desire to start her own orphanage there. A junior in college, she spends the school year raising money to buy supplies like diapers, formula and other baby essentials for the orphanage. She is truly the definition of a "city on a hill" which cannot be hidden!

Thought Share
Amy was the assistant youth director at our church. The kids loved her. I loved her. She left on May 12th to go back to Wales for her second summer doing missions work there. She is doing a variety of things there: youth work, community work, church assistant, etc.... You will love reading her blog. It is so "Amy". She has done a "Flat Family" (of all of her family members) in Flat Stanley style and has taken pics of them during her trip. Hysterical!

The Boque's Mission
Our youth pastor, Nathan, and his wife, Mary Margaret, recently accepted a full time position into ministry with Aid Sudan. While we are so sad to see them leave us, we are excited about this new ministry that they are going to run.

In June 2008 Nathan traveled to Sudan, Africa with the organization Aid Sudan. Mary Margaret had traveled to Sudan previously for four weeks in May 2004. She held a burden for the Southern Sudanese, and Nathan gained one after their trip together.

Nathan and Mary Magaret will work in Dallas, TX with the 8,000 Sudanese living there and lead medical, water, education and pastor training trips to Sudan three times a year.

I hope you will drop by and leave them some encouraging words!
I know that YOU will be encouraged after visiting their blogs.


K Storm said...

Excited for everyone's calling into missions...

Dr. Wifey said...

i will definitely add their blogs to my reader. thanks for sharing!

i'm black betty said...

thanks for sharing. you rock!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Thanks Deanna. I will add them to my read and visit list!