Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 24- Something you did as a child that other people remember you for.

Isn't this an unfair question?     This has definitely been one of the hardest posts for me because I don't know what other people remember me for as a child.

As I was trying to think only two things stuck out to me as being talked about:

My Mom told me that was I was really little my Pappaw was in the hospital and she took me to visit him.    She used to put me my hair up in two little ponytails.    She said that my Pappaw loved my hair like that and said that I reminded him of Buffy from the television show.     Not the vampire slayer, but the OLD television show with the little girl.    I know you are all too young to remember so here is a picture of Buffy with her ponytails...

The other thing that popped into my mind was a night when our family was out to supper.     We were eating at The Top of the River (much like Cock of the Walk here in our area).     It was a catfish restaurant in Vicksburg where we loved to eat.     The waiter brought our drinks and within about 30 seconds of delivering them I spilled mine... straight into my Mom's lap.     It was a complete accident.     We cleaned it up and the waiter brought me another one.     Two minutes later, again I spilled my drink and somehow it rain straight onto Mom.    As you can imagine my Mom was not happy about two drinks landing in her lap.    Once again we cleaned it up and they brought me another one.    What happened?   Yes.   You guessed it.   It spilled.    I am naturally clumsy but this was out of even my range.     Unbelievably, I got a fourth drink but every time I moved everyone said, "Don't spill."    

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Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Ahhhh - pre-sippy cup days. What our parents went through.

Ok... here's what I'm known for. But only by 2 people.. my parents. But they both love this story. Apparently we were at the Worlds Fair in Spokane. It was 1974 and I was two. We went to a gymnastics exhibition, and Olga Korbut was one of the performers. Apparently she did a routine on the balance beam, and you know that instant right after someone has done something REALLY good... there's that HUSH that proceeds the cheers? Well in that little moment of hush, this 2-year-old yells "Well THAT was PRETTY GOOD!!!!!!!"

Apparently at that point neither parent would claim me....