Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 6 - Earliest Thing You Can Remember

I have quite a few memories from my very early childhood, but trying to decide which is the earliest is the problem.

The first house we lived in was on Lee Street in Vicksburg.    There was a sweet lady who lived next door that we would go and visit.    She would always have snickerdoodle/sugar cookies.    I have memories of her living room and sitting at her coffee table eating cookies while she and my Mom would visit.    

However, more vivid than that memory is the day that my Dad's white Simca car drove up the big curve leading up to my Aunt Charlotte's house.      I can remember standing at her big front window waiting and waiting and waiting.     When they pulled up I ran outside because I knew that they had my new baby sister inside.      My Dad opened the front passenger door and inside was my mom holding my baby sister.    (Yes, that was back before car seats.)      Mom leaned over to let me see her and I remember being worried that she would fall out on the ground.     She was so tiny.     As excited as I was to see them drive up, I was just as sad and disappointed to see them drive away without me.    They wanted me to stay with my Aunt Charlotte for a few days while my Mom and baby sister went home to rest for a few days.     I remember crying and my big cousins playing Barbies with me to try to distract me.    

I am not sure which of those memories is the earliest, but I know that my sister was born when I was three years old.     

Isn't it crazy what you can remember from your childhood?


Patti Lacy said...

Did you know my first novel, An Irishwoman's Tale, was about a woman's first memory?

This post took me a couple of ways!!


ruthhill74 said...

Hey, I lived in a neighborhood where the older lady lived a couple houses down, and I used to go over and eat chocolate stars and anything else.

Thanks for sharing.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I don't remember the day my baby sister came home. But do remember her in her crib.