Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 9 - Five Things You Want to See Change

1.   To be totally honest, when I first saw this statement I thought:  my floors.     Isn't that awful?     When we bought this house one of the first things we kind of wanted to do was replace the floors, but we decided to put it off.     About the time we were thinking about replacing them we found out we were pregnant with our sweet Little Guy.    We then decided it was probably best to wait until he was out of the baby stage.     Two weeks after Little Guy was born?   September 11, 2001.     We all know happened after that.     So what is the next thing I would love to see change?.....  

2.    I would love to see a true change in the economy.   Of course this is going to be difficult with the continued bailouts, mismanagement of our money by our federal government and shipping jobs to other countries instead of investing in America.     If you have never adopted the motto, adopt it now:  BUY AMERICAN!!

3.   I want to see hearts changed for God.     Not just some, but many hearts.    God is a loving God and I know He wants it even more than I do.    I am going to keep praying over my list of people that I have committed to Him.

4.   My marriage.    Not that there is anything wrong with my marriage, but I think that your marriage has to change and grow.     If it stops changing and growing then it can get stale.   I want more for my husband and I than that.    I want our marriage to keep growing and changing as our lives change!

5.   My boys.    They are changing every day and I want to witness and appreciate everyone of those changes.       I will confess that some of my health problems over the past year have made me deal with some fears.     I worry I won't be around to witness my boys growing up and becoming the incredible young men that I know they will be.     So I guess I want that fear to change as well!


K Storm said...

I have all the same things...we may go ahead with the floors if I can get motivated to tear up my house enough!

Erin Hern said...

Amen sister. I'm glad I skipped this day. Couldn't think of a thing!

Patti Lacy said...

I LOVE your honesty and your heart!!!

Blessings, dear one.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I'm really enjoying these Deanna! I agree with most all of these, and I so want to get new flooring, LOL!