Monday, June 7, 2010

Avoiding Summer Brain Mush

It is summer!     We couldn't wait for summer.     Everywhere we go someone asks the boys, "Aren't you glad school is out?"      Today a lady told me that her grandson was already complaining that he was bored.     That is the challenge with summer.    

Before school was out I told the boys they had to make some choices regarding summer.      We sat down and analyzed their options for the summer.     We knew that we would be going swimming a lot.     However, I wanted them to pick some "brain" activities.

A few things they picked...
* Geocaching.   This is a new family hobby which we all love.     All over the world people hide little containers, caches, and then post the location online.    A lot of them are associated with historical places and people.     The boys have loved finding all the ones around our town.     We are going to set a goal and hope to reach that cache find goal this summer.

* Volunteer.     There are so many opportunities to serve:  in our church, our neighborhood, our community.    VBS volunteer, Salvation Army pantry worker, Beautiful Feet (a homeless mission in Texas) mission trip
Go pickin'!   Last summer we were able to go pick fresh plums and veggies.    The boys loved it and we hope to do that again this summer. 
Music lessons.     Big Guy is taking trumpet lessons.    Little Guy is taking piano.
Robotics Camp.  
Swimming.    A summer favorite!
*   Playing with FRIENDS!    You thought I had gone all crazy and forgotten about the fun didn't you?    No way.    Having friends over and going to friends' houses is something we enjoy all summer.

Last but not least is summer reading.     But, I am saving that for a post tomorrow!      


Shelby said...

Wow, that all sounds fun but ROBOTICS CAMP?!?!? How incredibly fun is that! Even the simplest robotics stuff would have to be super cool!

You sure know how to plan a summer, Ms. Deanna!

Allison said...

Summer reading is my FAVORITE activity! =)

Patti Lacy said...

You are amazing! wish I could "come play" but have to work now that I've had my whirlwind trip.


Dr. Wifey said...

i need y'all to plan some summer activities for me! the only requirements are A/C and pregger-friendly :) xoxo