Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Black Hole

Do you have a black hole in your house?     Everybody has a dryer that eats socks.    That kind of stuff if normal.      When the boys were little their sippy cups would disappear but then we figured out they were throwing them over the side of their beds when they finished drinking of them.     We found them when we changed the sheets and had to move the bed.   

THAT is not what I am talking about.    What I am talking about is a void and space where items disappears to and virtually never reappear!

Our black hole is very discriminating.    It likes certain items.    Take fingernail clippers for example.      We cannot seem to keep a pair of fingernail clippers in our house.      They are small, I agree.    However, we should be literally tripping over fingernail clippers with the sheer volume I have bought.    For the past five years, I have put fingernail clippers into every one of our stockings for Christmas.   Five years.   Four of us.    That is 20 pairs of fingernail clippers.       That doesn't count the two dozen pair I have picked up when I have found them on sale!      How many pair are in the drawer right now?    ZERO

The other item our black hole loves is scissors.     Yet again... scissors have made an appearance in our stockings the past two years.    (Sounds exciting to open our stockings, doesn't it?    Woo hoo!  Mom, loving these fingernail clippers and scissors!)    The boys each got TWO pairs of scissors this year.     Yesterday I needed a pair and neither of them had a clue where they were.      These boys each have a desk for school with organizers to keep their stuff in and when they need scissors they go find MINE!     So when I need a pair how many are in my drawer?    ZERO

There is a new item which has begun to disappear.     Tweezers.     We've lost four pair so far.      This must be the most well groomed black hole ever.

I am starting to think that our black hole has a thing for metal.     As long as it doesn't eat my computer, we won't have to fight.

Do you have a black hole at your house? 


Shelby said...

Yes, and it mysteriously eats MY things and ONLY my things! What's up with that?

I'm glad your black hole is well groomed. Based on the things of mine that have disappeared mine is a slob!

HEATHER said...

Oh goodness yes!!! Nail clippers, scissors and tweezers disappear at our house too! Add to that pens.

K Storm said...

Yes, headbands, tweezers, and various tools disappear.

Patti Lacy said...

It totally devours SOCKS! Do not know why it limits itself to this thing.


Tyanne said...

HA HA HA ! Our black hole eats clippers mom has put them in our stocking every year we made fun of it so much she didn't and Bill was SO disappointed!

Jero思翰eded said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................

...i'm black betty... said...

yes...we have a sock monster! :)

shawna said...

This happens at my house! We probably go through a dozen pairs of nail clippers a year - I know where a pair is right now only because I hid it in bottom of my pencil cup. Tweezers, too - mine disappeared recently, and the kids offered me one of theirs from their Perler bead stash. I just laughed.

And scissors? Once Walmart gets the school supplies out (am I the only one that waits impatiently for this?) then I'm going to stock up... and they're going to get hooks on the wall. That has worked wonders for the ruler supply. We used to be lucky if we could track down one. I haven't bought any new, and there's 8 or 10 hanging on the wall. It amazes me how well that worked.