Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Hubs and Daddy!

It is Saturday morning and the house is relatively quiet if you don't count the sound of those crazy vuvuzelas from the World Cup soccer game on the television.     I am listening to it as I bake a birthday cake for our youth pastor's birthday to take to Sunday School in the morning.   

Hubs got up bright and early to take Little Guy to the Katfishing Kids at the Turcotte Lab.   (Big Guy had a late night last night with his youth group playing black light dodge ball so he decided to sleep in.   Can you say serious fun?)      They looked so cute leaving out all loaded up with their fishing gear and cooler full of water and snacks.    

It is the day before Father's Day and I am so thankful for my sweet husband.     Someone once said that "the greatest gift a father can give his children is to love and respect their mother."      If that is true then my boys have already received the greatest gift from their Dad.     I have never known true love and respect until I met my sweet husband.   

I hope that my boys will emulate their Dad in so many other ways too.     Hubs is a man of integrity.    He keeps his promises.     Big ones and small ones.     Before we were married he promised to make me laugh every day the rest of our lives.    He hasn't broken that promise.    

He has his priorities in order.    When Big Guy was just a baby we lived quite a distance from hub's work.     Every day at 5:00 he would leave to come home so that he could have supper with us, give Big Guy his bath and have family time with us, have family prayers and put him to bed.      After Big Guy was asleep, hubs would make that long drive back to work to finish his hours.     He has always made his family and his boys a priority and because of that his boys trust him and know that their Dad is there for them.

He loves to have fun.    I love that about my husband.    He is mischievous and loves to play pranks.    The boys love it too.      Games?    He is in.    Biking?   Oh yea.    A round of ping pong?    Watch out.      Wrestling in the living room?     You are on.     Telling jokes in the car?    We'll all be giggling.      As long as we are all together... he loves to have fun.

I don't think my boys will ever appreciate just how much their Dad or I love them, but I know.    And I wanted to take this chance to tell him how much I love him!

It is easy for me to recognize an amazing dad because I had an amazing Daddy.     I may be 42 years old, but he is still  my Daddy.      I love him so much.     

Happy Father's Day to Hubs and Daddy!

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Shelby said...

Well, Deanna, this is just a flat-out beautiful post!

You know what your amazing husband and father have in common? An amazing YOU!