Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Little Church in the Woods

I pass this church every morning taking Todd to work.     The name on the simple sign says, Pearl River Methodist Church.     It is so beautiful and serene set off the road.    No asphalt parking lot.    Large sign yelling at you.    Just quiet, simplicity quietly beckoning to stop and rest.   Yesterday morning I decided I had to take a few minutes and do that.      I wished so much I had a blanket so I could just sit there and drink in the very presence of God.     You could just feel Him there. 

Standing in front of the church is this cornerstone monument.   It took quite a bit of concentrating to read the inscription.   I was able to get just enough information to come home and research more.     This little church was built in 1833 and doubled as a school and a church.      The most noted family from this church is the Lambuth family.    Rev. and Mrs. Lambuth were missionaries to China.     During one of their visits home to Mississippi, their daughter died and was buried in the church cemetery.   

Despite the fact that this church isn't used except for special occasions now, you can tell by how well the grounds are taken care of that this church is loved.     Each third Thursday of October there is a special memorial service honoring the Lambuths and their service as missionaries.

In the morning I would love to take my blanket, my Bible and a coffee and just go sit and listen.    I don't know what God has to say but I could hear His voice whispering amongst the beauty of that church grounds so clearly.


Dr. Wifey said...

what a beautiful little church! that would make such a lovely setting for a wedding. enjoy your quiet time there :)

Shelby said...

I really miss the old-style little country church like that. Bigger churches, even mega churches, have their place but I have found the little churches to have incredible emphasis on the Lord's Word and praise and worship.

If I were closer, I'd bring some coffee and a blanky and join you in some quiet meditation of the Lotd.