Monday, June 28, 2010

"Makes Me Sad"

Big Guy has been working for one of the ladies in our church who runs a day care in her home.     His hours were tough.   8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.    That is a LONG day when you are 13 years old and dealing with ten kids between the ages of 3-9.      Our friend said the kids immediately loved him.    I didn't doubt it because kids love Big Guy.     

After a couple of days of working he crawled up onto the couch beside me and said, "Mom, I like working, but it really makes me sad.   I feel so sorry for some of those kids.    They eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the daycare.     They never get to eat with their parents and by the time they get home it is almost bedtime."    

I knew how Big Guy felt.    I can't imagine being separated from my boys that much.    It has been such a blessing being a stay at home mom.       That reality has hit me even more since Big Guy just turned 13.      In just 5 short years he will be off to college.      Just thinking about it makes me sad.    I went to see Toy Story 3 where Andy has grown up and goes off to college and I cried like a baby.

Staying at home is a sacrifice.    We don't go out to eat a lot.   We can't take all the trips to all the amazing places we would like to go.   We can't necessarily buy the boys everything we would like to.     However, the time we have had to spend with them has been priceless.    

I wouldn't trade it for anything and I am so glad that Big Guy looked in my eyes the other day and said, "Mom, thank you for always stay home with me.    I have always felt safe and loved."


Patti Lacy said...

You have the GREATEST kids.
Praise God for giving you your family and for giving your family YOU.

I learn much from Deanna's Corner.


Sara said...

So sweet!

Shelby said...

Just goes to show that amazing parents raise amazing kids! Your boys continually rock me with their perspective on the world and on people. They have such open and loving hearts. They learned that from you and from Hubs.

Bless you all.

Ann said...

Hey Deanna, I am joining you in pray for your sons friend. I know that is a very difficult situation.
Wishing you love and blessings!

Crystal said...

What a sweet boy! I agree with Shelby, amazing parents raise amazing kids. I think it's wonderful that your boys truly appreciate you, you deserve it. I know I've said it before, but you're the kind of mom I hope to be some day. Also, I'm praying for Big Guy's friend. I don't know the people or the situation, but I know God does and that He hears every prayer on their behalf.

HEATHER said...

Deanna your boys are such treasures. You are so right about being a stay-at-home mom. It is the best thing in the world and I am so greatful to be able to stay at home.