Thursday, February 26, 2009

All In

Yesterday I decided I would talk to the both independently about Lent and the meaning of sacrifice during this season.    I simply wanted to give them the option.

Before school, Big Guy and I talked about it and while we were talking he immediately said that he thought he would like to go without fast food during Lent.    *gulp*    Did he say fast food?    That means no quick $5 Little Caesars pizza when I am too exhausted to cook.     *gulp again*     OK, Big Guy, if that is what you think you want to give up.

After school, Little Guy and I went to Barnes and Noble to walk around and pass time until time for Big Guy's carpool.   We found a quiet spot to sit and talk.     I used the time to explain Lent to him.    He had a lot of questions.     I never mentioned what Big Guy was giving up, but he also immediately proclaimed that he would give up Dr. Pepper (his favorite drink) and fast food.    *sigh*  Have I mentioned before that God has a sense of humor?      

My hope is that this sacrifice on their part will make them more aware of the entire Easter season this year.    For me Lent is not about the ritual, but about the reminder of the cross.


Carrie said...

Hey, maybe you could teach the boys to make pizza so when you're tired they could do it!

I have a great no-knead dough recipe that lasts up to a week in the fridge! " )

Dr. Wifey said...

good thing you aren't giving up cooking! LOL

i'm black betty said...

man, that would kill me. chicken nuggets save us at least 2 nights a week!!

good for them!!! xoxo

Deanna said...

Carrie - I "knead" that recipe! Send it to me, PLEASE!!

Wifey - That would have been ironic wouldn't it?!?

Black Betty - I guess we could have chicken nuggets as long as I cook them at home and we don't do them in the drive thru.

K Storm said...

The popcorn chicken nuggets in the freezer section are good! That would be a tough one but I admire the boys' willingness to give up something like that.

Supermom said...

aw! They are awesome!

HEATHER said...

Those are some awesome kids you got there lady!!
Please do share the no-knead pizza dough.
I don't know how you are going to make it without fast-food. I know in my situation, it is a life-saver when the FMS hits so hard I just want to crawl under the bed. But then again, the crap in the fast food exacerbates the FMS again. Maybe you could come up with some "freezer-meals". Have the boys help you with the prep work on the weekends. There are lots of sites with cook-once eat twice recipes too. Don't know if you have been to any tupperware parties lately but they try to sell that freezer ware on the basis of do your prep work on the weekends (cook ground beef, etc) and freeze it for the upcoming week.

mayberry said...

Wow! I'm proud of your kids and they aren't even mine! =)